Benefits of Membership

Having a community association membership is the BOM!

What’s the BOM?

Well, in addition to the many benefits you get from having a membership with your community association, their membership with us at the Federation of Calgary Communities also gets you more through the Benefits of Membership, or the BOM, program!

See below for the companies that are part of our Benefits of Membership (BOM) Program and how you can save with each of them.

cp_logo_stack_white Paint
Whenever you need to buy paint or paint supplies you simply say you are a “Federation of Calgary Communities Club Member” and you will receive more than 25% off paint and more than 15% off paint supplies!
Free banking
Open an account with Servus Credit Union, and you’ll get:

  • Six months of free banking
  • One year free safety deposit box
  • 100% deposit guarantee
  • Annual Profit Share®

Take advantage of a no obligation, free “financial fitness” check-up with an investment specialist and a will and estates expert and receive a $50 gift card.
This offer is open to any Calgarian who is a member of their local community association.
Community is one of Servus’s core values. After all, we live and work in your community!

Monitoring Fee
Stealth Alarms is proud to offer all community association members 25% off burglary, smoke, panic and medical alarm monitoring fees. This discount, to the monthly monitoring charge, will provide 24/7 total protection of you and your home.


Created by: Rebecca Dakin -- Last Modified: April 30, 2019