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A SAPL/Federation Partnership

What is it?

Your community will work with Master of Planning graduate students from the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL) at the University of Calgary to identify issues regarding density, physical planning, urban design and land use, to create a visioning document for the community. Your community’s input will drive the project and the form the basis for students to create design solutions.

What are the benefits?

You will gain a deeper understanding of your community, its needs, and knowledge to make informed decisions moving forward. This
can help with future policy, such as multi-community plans. Residents will have the opportunity to lead the planning process as community input will be the centre of the project.

What do students produce?

Students will create a report containing design ideas to solve
problems or enhance your community, based on sound planning principles. The report may contain a variety of visual products to assist you in expressing your community’s future vision. For example, students may provide you with maps, data, policy reviews, 3D renderings, physical 3D models, or other products
tailored to your needs.

What to expect

Deadlines and timelines

Submit your application before October 30th.

Applications are currently closed!!

Stay tuned for when applications will open up again! You can keep up with the latest Federation news on our social media, or through our newsletter! 

Questions or comments? We are always happy to help.

Applications are currently Closed!!

Check back in September 2024.

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