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Stay tuned for ENERGIZING SPACES 2024!

One intake on June 2024!

Thanks to everyone who applied for Energizing Spaces powered by ENMAX 2023!

What does energizing spaces mean to you?


To be considered eligible for Energizing Spaces funding, community groups should:

  • Be a member of the Federation of Calgary Communities
  • Be a society in good standing
  • Have board approval to participate in the program
  • Ability to pay upfront and then be reimbursed for expenses.
  • Appliances purchased must be ENERGY Star appliances
  • Can apply for up to 100% of the cost to a maximum of $10,000 per application per year
  • Be able to demonstrate how the investment will engage or impact your residents
  • One successful application every 2 years
  • Pre-purchased appliances are not eligible for reimbursement. Appliances must not be purchased until funds are awarded.

One intake annually

Applications are currently closed!

Stay tuned for when applications will open up again! You can keep up with the latest Energizing Spaces news on our social media, or through our newsletter! 

Appliances Application
Apply to replace your old worn-out electrical appliances. Pictures are worth a thousand words… so show us how old and gross they are! Our judges will be looking for how your appliances help support community impact. Let us know about your programs and impact (i.e., food security, child related program, seniors, newcomers, etc.). Applicants can apply for any number of appliances up to a maximum of $10,000. Ensure your quotes are for EnergyStar appliances. EnergyStar
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Rink & Security Lighting Application
Apply for up to $10,000 to replace EXISTING rink lighting, parking lot lighting and outdoor security lighting. This year, we will also consider NEW security lighting requests. We will also be finding one contractor to do the installation of the outdoor lights, taking that burden off your plate. (We ask for a quote so we know how many lights and wattage. We will be selecting a contractor from the applications through a competitive bid process).

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Outdoor Market Lighting Application
Don’t have a large venue? Apply for the plug in outdoor market lighting option ($500) to energize a community space!
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Education Workshops
Sign up for an opportunity to help your residents learn more about how to make their house more energy efficient. The workshop can be virtual or in person. You need to provide the space (if in-person) and gather the audience. We will do the rest.
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Install Day
We are looking for ONE great community building. ENMAX employees will come in early Fall to install low cost no cost energy efficient tools; as well as offer an educational opportunity to your residents. All you need to do is invite your members and open your doors. ENMAX and The Federation will do the rest.

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How to


  • Have a board motion indicating support to participate in the Energizing Spaces Fund powered by ENMAX.
  • Get Quotes
    • Get two quotes, for the exact same ENERGYSTAR appliances Please note: natural gas appliances and indoor lighting are not eligible for this Fund. Ensure your quotes are for EnergyStar appliances
    • Or, Get ONE quote for your outdoor lighting.
  • Complete the appropriate application. Due to demand, we would ask groups only apply for one stream:
  • Wait one month after the application deadline for a reply from the Federation.
  • This is a reimbursement grant. Do not purchase your appliances until you have received a confirmation letter from the Federation. The Federation will work with you to coordinate the lighting projects. We will contact the company to do the work.
  • Apply once every two (2) years. We will only have one intake per year.

How to get



  1. Once you have received your approval confirmation letter, purchase your approved products.
  2. Submit the receipts and proof of purchase to the Federation of Calgary Communities within six months of the recipient letter– we reimburse at the end of each month.
  3. You will need to provide a picture and a small write-up outlining the impact your Energizing Spaces Grant has provided your organization.


Lighting and Install day:

  1. You will not have to pay any bills. When you receive your approval letter work with the Federation to coordinate the installation of the approved lighting.
  2. You will need to provide a picture and a small write-up outlining the impact your Energizing Spaces Grant has provided your organization.

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Frequently ASKED Questions

Energizing Spaces powered by ENMAX is a replacement program for appliances and outdoor lighting. The goal of the program is to replace old appliances and outdoor lighting with new energy efficient models to help save on energy bills. Appliances over 10 years old will have priority in our funding decisions. Pre-purchased appliances or lighting are not eligible for reimbursement. Appliances or lighting must not be purchased until funds are awarded.

No, any electrical appliance is eligible, whether located in the kitchen, bar or other public area.

No, as we want to leave it up to your community to select based on your specific needs.  Appliances being requested should however be EnergyStar rated.

Visit appliance411.com and put in your appliance’s serial number and other information to find out the age.

For new security lights, we need to understand what the project would require.  A quote from an electrician is necessary.

For market lights, they must be the plug-in variety.  This grant can not support solar at this time. 

For more information: Click here

Federation members are eligible to submit one application every two years, up to $10,000. The Federation will bring all applications to the table following each deadline and funding decisions will be made based on the highest need for that particular deadline date.

A total of $85,000 is available per year. One intake annually, and the deadline is June 30.

Contact us at Energize@calgarycommunities.com with any questions you have.

Click the buttons to be redirected to an application form. One of our team members will get back to you about the outcome of your application as soon as we can!


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