Our People


Executive Director Leslie Evans Email Leslie
Administration Assistant Lori Winder Email Lori
Communications & Community Relations Specialist Rebecca Dakin Email Rebecca
Member Services Coordinator Jovita Dias Email Jovita
Engagement & Partnership Coordinator Ariam Wolde-Giorgis Email Ariam
Urban Planner Ben Morin Email Ben
Urban Planner Jennifer Miller Email Jennifer
Building Stronger Communities Coordinator Tyson Bankert Email Tyson
Web Designer & IT Support Kayleigh Kernaghan Email Kayleigh
ActivateYYC Storyteller & Grants Coordinator McKayla Saint-Cyr Email McKayla
Auditor Heidi Brauer Email Heidi
Auditor Nancy Murdoch Email Nancy
Auditor Neve Iskander Email Neve
Audit Manager Michael Ihekuna Email Michael
Intermediate Audit Technician Sophia Wu Email Sophia
Audit Manager Reamarie Dela Cruz Email Reamarie
Audit Technician Amrit Banstola Email Amrit
Audit Technician Bode Akinboyo Email Bode
Audit Technician Fateha Muzaffar Email Fateha
Audit Technician Farzana Suleman Email Farzana
Audit Technician Jared Gerwing Email Jared
Audit Technician Zohreh Salehian Email Zohreh
Accountant Ming Yu Email Ming


Board of Directors

President Terry Koch
Vice President Valerie Mushinski
Secretary Pete Steenaerts
Treasurer Julia Read
Director Alyson Robb
Director Alicia McKinley
Director Balraj Nijjar
Director Jermyn Voon
Director Matthew Robinson
Director Roy Wright
Director Sangeeta Kashyap
Director Stephen Appleton
Director Tracey Smith
City of Calgary Liaison Tina Brillantes

Last Modified: September 6, 2018