What is Urban Planning?

Have you ever wondered why Calgary is built the way it is, or how it will grow? The urban planning process has many moving parts, but you can watch this videoby Planetizen to learn more.  

As Calgary grows and we seek more sustainable ways of living we need to hear from the voices of community associations and citizens like you! So, at The Federation, we are here to help Calgarians and community association volunteers to learn about the planning process. We offer workshops, resources, and 1-on-1 support to not only help you learn and understand planning in The City of Calgary, but to also help community volunteers deal with planning issues in an effective and rewarding manner. 


What's Happening In Your world in planning

Partners in Planning
A free, award-winning certificate based program offered by the Federation, in partnership with the City of Calgary to help Community Association volunteers to develop skills for effective participation in the planning process.
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Your World in Planning!
Have you previously missed our moment in Planning? This is the place where you can find all things Urban Planning.

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Urban Planning Committee
We are looking for participants for our bi-monthly Urban Planning Committee. If you are passionate and want to add to the conversation.

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City of Calgary Engagement Opportunities

The City of Calgary is looking for your input on various projects throughout the city!

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Meet the New Community Building Toolkit

The Federation of Calgary Communities, in collaboration with The City of Calgary, maintains The Community Guide to the Planning Process to assist communities dealing with development and planning issues. The Community Guide to the Planning Process is available free as an online PDF, and printed copies can also be purchased for $25 + GST. In addition, the Federation offers workshops on the Guide (Orientation to Planning Process and Issues).

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The Federation of Calgary Communities includes around 150 community associations, 75 community non-profit organizations, 11 resident associations, and 7 rural community associations. We are always on the lookout for passionate, value driven associations and organizations!

Members gain free access to over 50 workshops every year!

Members have access to one-on-one support from staff in all our access areas, monthly drop-in opportunities, and access to grants and funding from ActivateYYC and Energizing Spaces powered by ENMAX

Members receive guidance on local and provincial matters in relation to community organizations. Additional access includes information for specific positions, bi-weekly newsletter updates, and monthly content from community stakeholders.
We offer lower cost, public practice audits to non-profits and charities, assistance with tax, AGLC reports, financial compliance, and financial literacy.
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