Community Association Boundaries

North: Taradale Drive NE
East: 68 St NE
South: 64 Ave
West: Falconridge Blvd NE
City Quadrant: NE

Community Established

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Community Description

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Taradale is located on the extreme northeast edge of the built-up area of Calgary. It is bounded by the communities of Saddle Ridge to the north, Falconridge to the south, and Martindale to the west. The Calgary International Airport is also located to the west of Taradale. The topography of this community is essentially flat with a gradual slope from the northeast to the southwest. Taradale was annexed to the City in 1961, yet development did not occur until 1984. The predominant form of development within this community is low density residential, however, most of the land is currently undeveloped.


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None at this time


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Information available online at the City of Calgary community profiles site.

Community Association Information

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Provincial Society Registered Name: Taradale Community Association, Calgary
Provincial Society Registered Date:
Federal Charity Status-Registered:
Facility Located at: Do not have a facility
Community Association Phone Number: (403) 930-6188 ext 1
Community Association Mailing Address: #29 – 7555 Falconridge Blvd NE
Community Association Website:


Please Call the community association directly to obtain information on availability, registration and costs.

Community Association Facilities

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Main Hall Licensed Capacity: Meeting Rooms: No
Wheelchair Access: No Stage: No
Gym: No Sound System: No
Kitchen: No Outdoor BBQ: No
Lounge: No Indoor Fireplace: No
Games Room: No

Recreation Amenities

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Operated by the community association. For other recreation offered by the City of Calgary visit Calgary Parks & Recreation

Tennis Courts: Skating Rink:
Swimming Pool: Sports/Playfields:
Hockey Rink: Other:


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Offered by the community association:

Bingo: Youth Justice:
Sports: Seniors Program:
Fitness: Child Care:


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