July Planning Updates

July Planning Updates

Note: this is the content from the urban planning emailers that get sent to all community association presidents, planning directors, and planning committee members. If you wish to join the mailing list, contact one of our planners.


Please find below planning updates for July.

City of Calgary Research into sub-optimal development outcomes
Balancing Policy for Success “City of Calgary Research into sub-optimal development outcomes”

The City of Calgary is undertaking a project focused on ensuring high-quality community development outcomes for Calgary in all areas (e.g., the Downtown, established areas, industrial areas, new communities). The research will be looking at sub-optimal outcomes in development to identify the root causes and opportunities for improvement. It is anticipated that recommendations from this project could ultimately address both City and industry practices.

If you have examples, please read, and complete the form below to learn more about the project and provide your feedback. https://forms.gle/xFRNMqP6TucnphW48

Please provide your feedback by Tuesday July 20th, 2021.
If you have questions, or need further explanation, please contact one of the Federation planners, our contact details are below.

City of Calgary Pathway Bikeway Maps
The new 2021 City of Calgary Pathway and Bikeway maps are fresh out of the printers! These maps are a great resource for individuals and families to navigate around their communities and the city. This update map has been simplified, and now shows more places that people want to go to, including schools, playgrounds, and transit stations. If you are interested in getting the maps, The Federation has a limited number available for pickup at our office – please contact Edward (planner2@calgarycommunities.com). You can also request for the maps to be sent to your community association, contact Jacquelyn (Jacquelyn.Oriold@calgary.ca) or call 311.

Please feel free to reach out to our two planners via email, if you have any questions, we are available:
Toun: planner1@calgarycommunities.com
Edward: planner2@calgarycommunities.com