Get engaged!

Get Engaged! is the Federation of Calgary Communities (The Federation)’s bi-weekly e-newsletter publishing at least 20 issues per year. Get Engaged! is sent to over 2,900 subscribers, including all our members, community association board members, partners, sponsors, donors, City Council and more! The e-newsletter features short articles highlighting The Federation’s programs and initiatives and useful information for our members.

Newsletter Samples

Advertising Requirements

Advertisements must follow a set of rules and criteria to be eligible for advertisement. The Federation of Calgary Communities reserves the right to deny any advertisements for not meeting the listed criteria. Advertisements must:

• Have value to communities-based organizations.
• Not advertise a business in an industry where the Federation has a conflict of interest or preferred provider (audit, insurance, banking, CRM, energy provider).
• Align with the Federation’s values (i.e., the Federation will not promote products that are not in readers’ best interest).
• No political organizations or ads that are political or controversial in nature.
• All ads are at the discretion of the Executive Director of The Federation.

Pick a Package!

Basic Package

$15 or 50
  • One (1) ad in the “sponsored content” section of Get Engaged!
  • Members: Two free per year ($15 thereafter)
  • Non-Profits $15
  • For-Profit Business: $50

Bulk Package

$45, 60 or 200
  • One (1) ad in the “sponsored content” section of six (6) issues of Get Engaged!
  • Members: $45
  • Non-profits: $60
  • For-Profit Business: $200

Workshop Package

  • Your logo/advertisement will be displayed on the final slide of one of our in-person or Zoom workshops with thanks from the presenter
  • For-Profit Business: $100