Advertisement Requirements/Criteria

Advertisements must follow a set of rules and criteria to be eligible for advertisement. The Federation of Calgary Communities reserves the right to deny any advertisements for not meeting the listed criteria. Advertisements must:
• Have value to communities-based organizations.
• Not advertise a business in an industry where the Federation has a conflict of interest or preferred provider (audit, insurance, banking, CRM, energy provider).
• Align with the Federation’s values (i.e., the Federation will not promote products that are not in readers’ best interest).
• No political organizations or ads that are political or controversial in nature.
• All ads are at the discretion of the Executive Director of The Federation.

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Starter Package

  • A listing in our business directory

Basic Package

$15 or 50
  • One (1) ad in the “sponsored content” section of Get Engaged!
  • Members: Two free per year ($15 thereafter)
  • Non-Profits $15
  • For-Profit Business: $50

Bulk Package

$45, 60 or 200
  • One (1) ad in the “sponsored content” section of six (6) issues of Get Engaged!
  • Members: $45
  • Non-profits: $60
  • For-Profit Business: $200

Workshop Package

  • Your logo/advertisement will be displayed on the final slide of one of our in-person or Zoom workshops with thanks from the presenter
  • For-Profit Business: $100