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We offer a variety of products to support communities, non-profits, businesses, and government organizations. Among the most popular items is the Community Listing Booklet – providing contact information for Calgary and area community associations. If you cannot find what you are looking for or would like to request new items for consideration, please let us know.

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Engagement Toolkit

including GST
(Shipping will also be added if you are having the toolkit mailed to you)

The Engagement Toolkit is a recipe box full of 34 of what we think are some of the best tools out there to help community associations engage their neighbours. Printed in the form of recipe cards, these tools are fun and easy to read while providing you with the information you need to complete the tool. The toolkit is also a valuable resource for other organizations.

Click here to order the Engagement Toolkit
Cue Cards
Individual set =
including GST
Five sets =
including GST
Ten sets =
including GST
(Shipping will also be added if you are having the cue cards mailed to you)
These eight cards were designed with the intention of breaking down the planning process in Calgary into a simpler, digestible, and friendly manner that can be taken with you anywhere! Click here to order Planning Cue Cards
Community Guide to the Planning Process

including GST
The purpose of the Guide is to help community association volunteers deal with planning issues in an effective and rewarding manner. It is also hoped that the Guide will help promote positive and productive working relationships among communities, applicants, City of Calgary staff and other players in the planning process. Click here to order a Community Guide to the Planning Process
Financial Accountability Handbook

including GST
This manual is meant to assist community associations and other member organizations to hone their skills related to best practices around financial accountability. The information contained within this handbook will provide quality information, tools and templates as they relate to financial roles, internal controls, financial reporting and much more. Click here to order a Financial Accountability Handbook
Community Listing Booklet

$17.00 + GST
non-profit/constituency rate
$52.00 + GST
commercial/business rate
We publish community association general contact information in the form of a booklet. The information is maintained by the Federation of Calgary Communities and updated on a monthly basis as changes are received from community associations. There can be 1-5 changes in any given month with the content being reliable for up to six (6) months from date of purchase. Click here to order a Community Listing Booklet
Community Association Mailing Labels

$17.00 + GST 
non-profit/constituency rate

$52.00 + GST
commercial/business rate

(Shipping will also be added if you are having the labels mailed to you)

If you are planning a large mail out and are looking to communicate with Calgary and area community associations, you might consider purchasing ready-made labels. With one days’ notice we can prepare labels with your choice of contact position (President, Newsletter Editor, etc.)

Mailing labels can be picked up at our office or mailed to you. A postage charge will be added if you require mailing of your labels.

Click here to order community mailing labels

Please specify if you would like a specific contact position on the labels.

Hall Rental Forms

$0.40 each + $2.00 processing fee + GST
Federation member rate

$0.60 each + $2.00 processing fee + GST
Non-member rate

These ready-made hall rental forms are in triplicate, are sequentially numbered, and are sold in packages of 25.

A postage and handling fee will be added for mailouts.

Click here to order hall rental forms

Please specify the quantity and whether you will pick them up at our office or would like them mailed to you – include your mailing address if so.

Last Modified: May 9, 2019

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