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March is here, and that means it’s Community Association Awareness Month. As proclaimed by mayor Gondek, this month is all about celebrating community. You might be asking, “What is a community association, and why should I care”.

What is a Community Association?

Community associations are geographic-based non-profit organizations that serve neighbourhoods in Calgary. In fact, there are 152 located in the city. Some have staff, but many are entirely volunteer-run by passionate folks in your neighbourhood. You can find community associations in every quadrant of Calgary. Throughout the city, they engage residents for input on programs and services to offer and raise funds to deliver fantastic opportunities to you!

Bringing Services to Community

Did you know community association volunteers operate and maintain 185 local outdoor rinks? They also run over 30 community gardens and manage 106 community halls?

That’s not all, some community associations run preschool programs, indoor hockey rinks, and tennis courts, but the value they bring to neighbourhoods doesn’t end there. They also bring programs and services to community to enhance neighbourhood life! Some examples of programs are:

Community associations can also act as a voice for you and your community!

Community Voice

Community associations can act as a community voice in your neighbourhood. They engage residents on urban planning projects and represent your community’s perspective at City of Calgary consultation meetings. They can also advocate for community voice on social, cultural, environmental and community issues.

Why YOU Should Care

Community associations are community and membership-based organizations. They are accountable to their members. By knowing who your community association is and learning what programs and services they offer, YOU can start having a voice on community issues.

At The Federation, we developed an interactive map to help Calgarians see who their local community association is and learn about their value to community. Check out our interactive map today and Meet your Community Association.

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