2020 Faces of Community- Susan Mulholland

2020 Faces of Community- Susan Mulholland

Susan Mulholland

Bridgeland Riverside Community Association

A true leader in her community, Susan is a volunteer who connects neighbours and builds community through her hard work.

Susan has been able to spread her creativity, passion and dedication for her community, Bridgeland Riverside Community Association, for several years and continues to spearhead numerous community building and public realm improvements in the area.

Her efforts have created a more vibrant and engaged community and have directly impacted several residents who have seen the positive change Susan has brought into the community. Her most recent project, Back to the Bow, a mural showcasing the history of the Bow River alongside the fence at McDougall Park, created connections and engaged community all year long.

“I believe she embodies the true spirit of what community associations can and should be and I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her,” said her nominator.

Susan manages the BRCA secretary role and position as a Beautification Committee member. She applies the lens of her professional background as an occupational therapist when considering the needs of residents and how the community association can better engage and support those populations that might not be represented by the board of directors. Along with other involved volunteers, she has planned and executed free and accessible community gathering events.

“I started volunteering with my organization because I am really interested in my community,” said Susan.

“My community is a vibrant, diverse and it feels like a village.”


Let Susan explain what volunteering means to her and why she stays involved!