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Energizing Spaces Winners Announced

After taking a pause in the spring due to COVID-19, the ENMAX Energizing Spaces committee reconvened in early November to review 30 applications totaling more than $180,000 in funding requests.  After much deliberation, the review committee is proud to award 12 community organizations with funding to update appliances and outdoor rink lights. Click here for a complete list.

Keep following this page for the next round of funding!


Apply to replace your old worn out electrical appliances. Pictures are worth a thousand words… so show us how old and gross they are! Our judges also like to know why these are important to your space. Applicants can apply for any number of appliances up to a maximum of $10,000.

Rink and Safety Lighting

Apply for up to $10,000 to replace your outdoor lighting. Rink lights, outdoor lights on the buildings exterior and parking lot lights will be considered.

Energy Efficiency Install

Apply for a skilled volunteer team to come out to your space to install “low cost no cost” energy efficient solutions. Think Nest thermostats, hot water heater blankets, motion light sensors, and weather stripping!

As part of this exciting Energy Efficiency Install twist, ENMAX will also offer your community residents a workshop to support their own energy efficient solutions. This is a great way to engage your people as this is a topic with broad appeal. You only need to open your space up and promote the workshop. The install and workshop day will take place sometime in the fall. Don’t worry, we will work with you to determine the best timing.


To be considered eligible for Energizing Spaces funding community groups must:

  • Be a member of the Federation of Calgary Communities
  • Hold a current lease or license of occupation with The City of Calgary
  • Be a society in good standing
  • Have board approval to participate in the program
  • This is a reimbursement grant. So you must pay for the appliances and lighting upfront and then submit receipts for reimbursement. Note: Pre-purchased appliances are not eligible for reimbursement. Appliances must not be purchased until we issue a recipient letter.
  • The grant covers 100% of the new cost, however, you are responsible for the cost of disposing of the “old”
  • Received two or more Energizing Spaces grants? Please give others a chance

How to Apply

  1. Have a board motion indicating support to participate in the Energizing Spaces Fund
  2. Get two quotes, for the exact same ENERGY STAR appliances or outdoor lighting desired. Please note: natural gas appliances and indoor lighting are not eligible for this Fund.
  3. Complete the appropriate application. Due to demand, we would ask groups only apply for one stream:
  4. Wait one month after the application deadline for a reply from the Federation
  5. We know you’re eager, but as this is a reimbursement grant, do not purchase your appliances or lighting until you have received a confirmation letter from the Federation
  6. Save time! Only apply once per year, as unsuccessful applications will be reviewed in the second round without you having to resubmit.

How to Get Reimbursed

  1. Once you have received your approval confirmation letter, purchase your approved products or work with our team to organize the “install day” and workshop (as appropriate)
  2. Submit the receipts to the Federation of Calgary Communities within six months of recipient letter – we cut cheques at the end of each month.
  3. Along with your receipts, tell us about your energy saving purchases with pictures, stories, poems, etc.
  4. Also, let us know if you see energy savings so we can let ENMAX know more about their impact!

How to Recognize ENMAX

ENMAX is committed to helping our members enhance their buildings and outdoor spaces to make them safe, enjoyable and energy efficient. In fact, they believe if you can save money on your energy costs, you can reinvest those in your programming and services, better serving your community. In addition, we are all reducing green house gases and supporting the environment.

The Federation would ask that you give ENMAX recognition for their support of the Energizing Spaces Fund. Here are a few ideas on how to thank ENMAX.

  1. Display the ENMAX logo on your website
  2. Publish ENMAX editorial content in your newsletter from time to time
  3. Recognize ENMAX at your AGM
  4. Put the ENMAX provided decal on new appliances
  5. Use supplied ENMAX factoids around your building
  6. You might also consider hosting an ENMAX Energy Efficiency Workshop – this is a great way to engage residents in your community

How to Recognize the Federation

Name the Federation of Calgary Communities as the coordinator of Energizing Spaces on your website, in your newsletter and in your annual report as appropriate.

Please note: we cannot be referred to as “FCC.” We either go by our full name or the “Federation” for short.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we buy new appliances or lighting for new spaces or is it a replacement program?

Energizing Spaces is a replacement program for energy sucking appliances and outdoor lighting. The goal of the program is to replace old appliances and outdoor lighting with new energy efficient models to help save on energy bills. Appliances over 10 years old will have priority in our funding decisions. Pre-purchased appliances or lighting are not eligible for reimbursement. Appliances or lighting must not be purchased until funds are awarded.

What is an Energy Efficiency Install?

You are applying for a skilled volunteer team along with the necessary energy efficient products to come out to your space for an “Energy Efficiency Install” day. You are not expected to purchase anything. Depending on your needs, the coordinator will determine the products, from your list, that will maximize your energy savings, so not everything on your application may be installed. You will need to work with the organizers to ensure they have access to the various places in the building to install the products. Install should be complete within 4 hours. As part of this offering, you are also agreeing to an energy efficiency workshop as offered by Enmax (perhaps on a different day than the “install day”. Don’t worry, we will work with you to determine the best timing). This is a great way to engage your members as this is a topic with broad appeal. Energizing Spaces will provide the volunteers, the energy efficiency products, the workshop expert and food for the workshop. You only need to open your space up and invite people to the workshop.

Are only kitchen appliances eligible?

No, any electrical energy sucking appliance is eligible, whether located in the kitchen, bar or other public area.

Is there a list of appliances to choose from?

No, as we want to leave it up to your community to select based on your specific needs.  Appliances being requested should however be Energy Star rated.

How do I find out how old my appliance is?

Visit appliance411.com and put in your appliance’s serial number and other information to find out the age.

What do I need to know about replacing outdoor light bulbs?

Click here for an information sheet on things to consider when choosing LED light bulbs.

How many applications can we submit?

Federation members are eligible to submit one application per year, up to $10,000. The Federation will bring all applications to the table following each deadline and funding decisions will be made based on the highest need for that particular deadline date.

How much funding is available?

A total of $75,000 is available.  We will provide about $35,000 in funding for each deadline date.

Why did the Rink Lighter program end?

Prior to discussions about the Energizing Spaces Fund, ENMAX made the decision to the cut the program as they invested about $16,222.80 into Calgary; an average of $216.30 per community. Additionally, not all communities were eligible for the program, or had ice rinks. ENMAX felt they could provide a bigger impact and invest more into the community with a different type of program.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Click here to contact us with any questions you have.

Past Recipients

Organization Appliance(s) or Lighting Total
Greater Forest Lawn 55+ Society Commercial Freezer 6,453.73
Parkdale Community Association Rink Lighting 10,000.00
Braeside Community Association Rink Lighting 6,338.00
CKE Community Association Rink Lighting 10,000.00
Crossroads Community Association Rink and Outdoor Lighting 7,593.47
Deer Run Community Association Rink and Safety Lighting 10,000.00
Riverbend Community Association Dishwasher 9,108.00
2 stoves
Bowness Community Association Dishwasher 4,696.62
Calgary Lawn Bowling Association Fridge 2,451.75
Calgary Westgate Community Association Fridge 6,571.95
Sandstone MacEwan Community Association Electric Heater 1,787.00
TOTAL: 75,000.52
Organization Appliance(s) or Lighting Total
Forest Lawn Various outdoor lighting $9,535.55
Whtitehorn Ice rink lighting $8,799.00
Deer Run Stackable washer and dryer $4,177.95
Mini refrigerator
Riverbend Commercial refrigerator $10,000.00
Commercial dishwasher
Southview Commercial dishwasher $7,400.40
Commercial dishwasher
Beddington Theatre Arts Centre Commercial dishwasher  $   6,534.00
Greater Forest Lawn 55+ Club Freezer  $   3,936.51
Shepard Community Association Microwave  $   1,429.25
Coffee pot
Silver Springs Community Association Commercial fridge  $   1,783.95
Renfrew Community Association Outdoor Security Lighting  $   2,656.50
Rosemont Community Association Nighttime flood lights for two outdoor rinks  $ 10,000.00
Sandstone MacEwan Community Association Replacement of 12 light fixtures  $   8,818.89
Organization Appliance(s) or Lighting Total
Haysboro Ice rink lighting $9,612.75
Hidden Valley Ice rink lighting $5,726.60
Pineridge Facility and ice rink lighting $8,184.75
Alexandra Centre Society Refrigerator $2,071.62
Mini refrigerator
Banff Trail Commercial refrigerator $1,774.49
Bridgeland-Riverside Commercial refrigerator $2,880.15
Capitol Hill Commercial single door refrigerator $5,400.15
Commercial double door refrigerator
Inglewood Main kitchen refrigerator $3,898.65
Main kitchen range 1
Main kitchen range 2
Bar refrigerator
Kitchenette refrigerator
Kitchenette freezer
Skate shack refrigerator
Skate shack range
Bowness Commercial refrigerator 7,478.23
Commercial freezer
Lakeview Commercial refrigerator 5,536.55
Range hood fan
Ranchlands Commercial refrigerator 3,122.70
Renfrew Ice rink lighting 9,486.75
Rosedale Facility lighting 9,954.47
Organization Appliance(s) or Outdoor Lighting Total
Dalhousie Reach-in refrigerator $4,996.95
Deer Run Refrigerator $1,782.90
Glendale Ice rink lighting $9,555.00
Good Companions 50 Plus Club Freezer $1,326.15
Shaganappi Ice rinks, tennis courts, and basketball courts $10,000.00
Temple Range $6,507.89
Commercial refrigerator
West Hillhurst Commercial refrigerator $2,412.90
Woodcreek Commercial refrigerator $2,328.70
Cambrian Heights Ice rink lighting $4,546.06
Dover Commercial bar refrigerator $3,758.99
Falconridge/Castleridge Commercial refrigerator $1,974.00
Marlborough Park Freezer $807.45
Queensland Ice rink lighting $9,197.00
Renfrew Commercial refrigerator $3,463.02
Rosscarrock Refrigerator $4,781.33
Thorncliffe/Greenview Parking lot lighting $8,112.30
Tuxedo Park Commercial refrigerator $2,793.00
Organization Appliance(s) or
Outdoor Lighting
Glamorgan Outdoor rink lighting $7,324
Inglewood Outdoor facility lighting $2,583
Hillhurst/Sunnyside Commercial refrigerator $9,744
Commercial dishwasher
Dalhousie Commercial freezer $4,405
Killarney/Glengarry Commercial refrigerator $4,031
Commercial refrigerator
Whitehorn Commercial refrigerator $3,024
Good Companions 50 Plus Club Commercial dishwasher $9,427
Commercial refrigerator
Acadia Bar cooler $6,880
Ice maker
Deer Ridge Ice rink lighting $7,980
Highland Park Refrigerator $840
Huntington Hills Exterior facility lighting $8,321
Marlborough Park Commercial refrigerator $3,452
Westgate Commercial microwave $702
Willow Ridge Commercial refrigerator $3,192
Commercial refrigerator
Organization Appliance(s) Total
Bowness Two commercial ranges $9,248
Cedarbrae Freezer $3,040
Dalhousie Commercial dishwasher $7,765
Winston Heights-Mountview Two commercial refrigerators $5,870
Albert Park/Radisson Heights Commercial dishwasher $4,787
Dover Commercial refrigerator $3,918
Marda Loop Commercial refrigerator $4,497
Chest freezer
Montgomery Freezer $3,624
Westgate Commercial range $5,495
Acadia Commercial refrigerator $4,353
Cambrian Heights Commercial dishwasher $5,213
Chinook Park/Kelvin Grove/Eagle Ridge Refrigerator $8,345
Commercial dishwasher
Crossroads Range $1,709
Washing machine
Glendale Commercial refrigerator $1,780
Millican Ogden Two refrigerators $1,312
North Haven Commercial dishwasher $3,989



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