June 2024 – Your Moment in Planning!

Happy June, in this edition The Federation has lots to do with getting outside and being in the fresh air.

Inside you’ll find how to celebrate Canadian Environment Week, register for the Partners in Planning elective, and some engagement opportunities within the City.

May 2024 – Your Moment in Planning!

Thank you for coming out to Jane’s Walk, glad the weather held up!

As we are going into the third week click the link to watch and sign up to speak.

Also keep out in our calendar for our next Partners in Planning in the summer.

April 2024 – Your Moment in Planning!

Happy Spring – did you see the solar eclipse?
In this issue we talk about the difference between public hearing and the What we Heard Report for Rezoning for Housing Proposal and other ways for you to be engaged in the Planning world!

March 2024 – Your Moment in Planning!

Happy Community Association Awareness Month!

Inside this March’s Moment in Planning is all about workshops, and walking tours!

Have questions about Rezoning for Housing? Ask away in our survery!