Mountain Range Rising in The Heart of Bridgeland-Riverside

Submitted by Susan Mulholland, Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association (BRCA)   A “mountain range” is slowly but steadily rising in the heart of our neighbourhood. It all started with a post on Facebook in April by local Stephanie PJ who wanted to do a wooden house fence project in response to COVID-19.  I said, “I don’t have little wooden houses to paint, but I do have 32 triangles left over from another community project”.  Since April 30 Delivery Dog and I have been responding to individual and family requests for wooden triangles to decorate. On our daily walks, we’ve dropped off more than 370 triangles to over 65 households. You may have seen us around.  Delivery Dog (aka Crowfoot) is a friendly tail wagging retriever husky mix from up north who I’ve been fostering.  We’ve been stealth in our deliveries and leaving triangles on people’s steps, porches, and doorways. It’s a team effort; Pam at the BRCA Hall fields requests for triangles, a friend buys the hardboard and cuts the triangles and drills the hole, myself and pooch deliver, and the final varathane sealing is being done by John with the BRCA Beautification Committee. Of course, everything has been designed to be COVID-19 friendly.  Triangles are delivered to doorsteps, they are painted in homes, then individuals and families head over to the fence on a sunny day to hang their art (we varathane after it’s on the fence.)  This project has given people something different, fun, creative, as well as meaningful to do during these times of isolating and distancing. Our mountain range is rising along the 14 panels on the BRCA Hall chain link fence between the playground and soccer field.  It’s a perfect place for families, children and adults alike, to linger on the pathway and take in all the creativity, diversity and vibrancy of our hood reflected in these triangles.  Head over on a nice day to take in this community art project.   Check out some exciting pictures of the BRCA’s Mountain Range!     Does your organization have a fun story to tell? Submit your story to!