Check out all the awesome things taking place across our city!

Even rain couldn’t stop the fun at Bowls, Beers, Bites

Despite the gloomy weather, spirits were high for our first ever Bowls, Beers, Bites lawn bowling tournament on Friday, August 9th! Bowls, Beers, Bites replaced our previous summer event, the annual Chip in Fore Communities golf tournament...

14th Aug

Bridgeland-Riverside’s Journey Along the Bow River

The Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association (BRCA) takes visitors of the Riverside-McDougall Park on a journey along the Bow River through a stunning mural. The mural was completed last September after many hours of work from Bridgeland artist, Janel Nail.

31st Jul

Big Build 2019 brings volunteers of all ages together

Big Build 2019 was all about bringing community associations and youth volunteers together to make a difference in their communities! For the past couple of months, community associations and youth volunteers came together to “build” up their communities through small...

22nd Jul

Volunteerism During the Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is made possible every year by the thousands of people who volunteer their time and resources. For the 10 days of Stampede, communities came together and put on breakfasts, BBQ’s, parties and more, all supported by community members gifting their time and energy.

15th Jul

Braeside Shows its Community Spirit with Annual ‘Kick Off to Summer’ Parade! 

Summer doesn’t officially start for the community of Braeside until the annual ‘Kick Off to Summer’ parade happens. 

02nd Jul

Celebrating Calgary’s Community Spirit on Neighbour Day

Six years after the devastating 2013 flood, Calgarians gathered to take part in annual Neighbour Day celebrations and celebrate what makes this city so great-- our community spirit.

19th Jun

An Unused Tennis Court gets a Makeover

What happens when you have an unused tennis court that cannot be repaired? You turn it into a beautiful community garden!

31st May

Eau Claire’s Jane’s Walk Takes a Journey Through Time

Eau Claire is one of the oldest communities in Calgary, with its origins dating back to 1886 when a sawmill was transplanted here from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and placed on the banks of the Bow River.

30th Apr

Faces of Community event celebrates volunteerism

Family and friends—and some familiar “Faces”—braved the cold weather to show their appreciation and admiration for our city’s community volunteers on Friday, March 1, 2019, at the Southview Community Association.

11th Apr

Crescent Heights warms their neighbourhood with a Full Moon Party

To warm up the streets during a seemingly never-ending winter the Crescent Heights Community Association (CHCA) held a Full Moon Party on the evening of March 3, 2018. The all ages party started in Tigerstedt Block with the first 100 guests ...

05th Dec

Temple Community Association engages diverse groups of residents

The Temple Community Association (TCA) is dedicated to engaging all residents in the community by hosting various free events to appeal to every age group. They meet weekly on Thursday afternoons, including the summer months, to catch up and talk about future events ...

06th Nov

Ranchlands Neighbours Share Dinner and Friendship Every Month

Neighbours in Ranchlands get together on a Sunday every month to share good food and conversation at their potluck dinners. The dinners were started in February of 2018 by two community volunteers, Melanie Grier and Miranda Christin ...

19th Oct

Alpha House connects Sunalta residents with pipe and smudge circle

Alpha House, a non-profit charitable agency which provides safe spaces for individuals with alcohol and drug dependencies, holds a bi-weekly Community Pipe and Smudge Circle, an Indigenous prayer circle, at the Sunalta Community Association ...

26th Sep

Tuscany Community Association increases engagement with a hashtag

Living in the Tuscany community can become a route to small-town social media fame through the “Nod to a Neighbour” campaign started by the Tuscany Community Association (TCA). Every six to eight weeks TCA posts about neighbours making a difference in the community using a hashtag ...

12th Sep

Support shows at this year’s 6th Annual Chip in Fore Communities golf tournament

Thanks to the help of our golfers, donors, volunteers, and sponsors, this year’s 6th Annual Chip in Fore Communities Golf Tournament on Friday, August 24 was an all-around success. Our largest fundraiser of the year ...

10th Sep