Become a Member

Are you a non-profit organization interested in applying to be a service member of ours?

The details on applying are as follows:

1. We would ask organizations interested in a Service Membership apply in writing to our board outlining the following:

  • Name of organization
  • Description of who you serve and how it benefits the Calgary community (we need to understand that they do not promote a specific religious, political or uni-cultural philosophy but rather are open to the broader community)
  • Verify they operate within the city of Calgary and they are a registered non-profit (please enclose a copy of your incorporation certificate and a current Annual Return).

2. Please submit your application to  

3. Please note that membership fees, if approved by the Board of Directors, are $200 per year + GST.  We do not prorate the membership and it runs from January 1 to December 31.  In addition, membership does not guarantee access to audit services.

Click here to learn about the many benefits of membership!


Created by: Rebecca Dakin -- Last Modified: March 14, 2017