June Planning Updates

June Planning Updates

Note: this is the content from the urban planning emailers that get sent to all community association presidents, planning directors, and planning committee members. If you wish to join the mailing list, contact one of our planners.


North Hill Communities Local Area Plan
The revised North Hill Communities Plan is now available. This plan includes Council directed amendments from the April 12th Combined Meeting of Council and policies from the Guide for Local Area Planning (formerly Guidebook); a summary of the policies from the Guide that have been incorporated into the plan can be found here. To read a redline version of the plan with all the changes, please click here. One of the major changes in the revised plan is a reduction in building scale from 6 storeys to 4 storeys primarily in areas outside of activity centres, Main Streets, transit station areas.
The revised plan will be presented in front of City Council on June 21, 2021. Please note, this is not a public hearing, so the public will not have an opportunity to speak but you can still watch the hearing by visiting Calgary.ca/council.

Guide for Local Area Planning (formerly Guidebook for Great Communities)
Following the Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development (PUD) meeting on May 5th, the Guide (formerly Guidebook) was accepted and will now be used as a best-practice guide for local area planning. PUD Committee directed Administration to incorporate the 62 proposed amendments into the Guide and use the document in addition with input from community stakeholders to create the new multi-community local area plans. Policies and tools taken from the Guide to create local area plans and will be considered statutory if/when the local area plans are adopted/approved by Council. You can read the revised plan here.

Development Map
The Development Map is a convenient way to inform citizens and community associations of applications in their areas. As of June 1st, citizens can access some application plans and renderings on the Development Map. By providing plans/rendering online, communities can become more informed about a proposed development, allowing them to provide their input earlier in the process. To access the map, click the above link. Look out for more improvements to the map.

Community Involvement Toolkit
The City will like to hear your thoughts on the Community Involvement Toolkit. The toolkit includes information and resources to help community association volunteers interested in planning and development understand how, where, and when to get involved in the planning process. If you have never used the toolkit, we encourage you to take a look and then complete this survey to send your feedback and suggested improvements to the City.

Please feel free to reach out to our two planners via email, if you have any questions, we are available:
Toun: planner1@calgarycommunities.com
Edward: planner2@calgarycommunities.com