August Planning Updates

August Planning Updates

Note: this is the content from the urban planning emailers that get sent to all community association presidents, planning directors, and planning committee members. If you wish to join the mailing list, contact one of our planners.

Please find below planning updates for August.

CITIZENS+STUDENTS Project Kickoff Event 2021

Since 2013, the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL) Master of Planning Program at the University of Calgary and the Federation of Calgary Communities have worked together to support Community Associations (CAs) in their decision-making process around land use and development issues.

Please join us on September 8th from 7:00-8:30 pm, to learn more about your CA’s potential involvement in the project. Since every community will be undergoing a multi-community local area plan, this project is a great way to get you thinking about how your community will change and deveop. We will walk you through the project process and can discuss your questions and ideas. You will also hear from CAs who participated in previous projects to learn more about their experiences. You can view the projects from previous years here. The Master of Planning students will be present at the session.

Telecommunications Antenna Structures Siting Protocol

To support the evolution into 5G and beyond, Wireless Service Providers (WSPs) need access to public and private infrastructure to deploy wireless equipment. The City of Calgary, WSPs, members of Council and community associations have a long history of working collaboratively on wireless equipment installation, through a concurrence process. This process is guided by a document called the Telecommunications Antenna Structures Siting Protocols. Find out more here.

City of Calgary Pathway Bikeway Maps

The new 2021 City of Calgary Pathway and Bikeway maps are fresh out of the printers! These maps are a great resource for individuals and families to navigate around their communities and the city. This updated map has been simplified, and now shows more places that people want to go to, including schools, playgrounds, and transit stations. If you are interested in getting the maps, The Federation has a limited number available for pickup at our office – please contact Edward ( You can also request for the maps to be sent to your community association, contact Jacquelyn ( or call 311.

Please feel free to reach out to our two planners via email, if you have any questions, we are available: