Saturday, June 20 is Neighbour Day and we want you to be part of it!

Saturday, June 20 is Neighbour Day and we want you to be part of it!

We need your help to get the word out and get everyone involved in Neighbour Day! Let’s show Calgary the power of the community association network!

If you have not made any plans, do not worry- we’ve got you covered! Working with the Sunalta Community Association and the City of Calgary, along with some great feedback from our other members, we created an exciting scavenger hunt card!

Click the image below to visit the City of Calgary’s website to download the full Neighbour Day Scavenger Hunt card located at the bottom of the page!


Not sure how to let your residents know about this activity or Neighbour Day? We have made it easy for you!

Click here for sample content you can use and easily customize to communicate to your neighbours and get everyone involved in this fun activity! Do you have your own activity planned? Feel free to customize the tweets to include your own activity! Want more Neighbour Day communications content? Click here to download the City of Calgary’s Neighbour Day Communications Content!

Whether you are using our scavenger hunt card, or you have your own fun activity planned, we want all Calgarians to celebrate Neighbour Day 2020! And do not forget to use the hashtag #yycNeighbourDay so we can follow along on all the fun!


Please note: The City of Calgary is asking that no matter how we choose to celebrate Neighbour Day, we need to follow the most recent Alberta Health Orders and Guidelines and learn how to visit safely with others. Organizations seeking guidance on specific activities or services should follow these guidelines.