Call for 2015 Community Volunteer Award Nominations

Call for 2015 Community Volunteer Award Nominations

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Show Community Spirit

It’s that time of year again – time to nominate someone in your neighbourhood for a 2015 Community Volunteer Award! Community associations would not survive without their volunteers. These hard-working individuals are the life-blood of our network dedicating their time and energy to help improve neighbourhood life in Calgary. With over 20,000 volunteers involved in 150 community associations across our city, the list of jobs and tasks they take on is endless. From maintaining the ice rink or organizing the community newsletter, to fundraising for a neighbourhood playground or planning a large event, and almost anything else you can think of that goes on in communities, volunteers are handling it! We’d like you to take a minute and think about the volunteers helping out in your communities and how nice it would be to formally recognize and thank them for their efforts.

To help give you an idea of the kind of work you can recognize we have created four award categories to choose from:

The Step Up Award – The unnoticed volunteer who always steps up to help out whenever and wherever they can without being asked. They go above and beyond to shoulder the responsibility of needs within the community without need for recognition.

The Spark Award – The volunteer who always brings new and exciting ideas to the table and sparks a sense of excitement within the community. They are a motivation to others and always engaging others to be part of the community.

The "Be Part of It" Group Award – A group of volunteers who organized an event or project that created a strong sense of pride in the community. They engaged a variety of residents and partners to complete the job and the end result created a sense of belonging for the community.

The Community Builder Award – A volunteer who has spent their life dedicated to improving neighbourhood life within the community. This lifetime achievement award recognizes the volunteers whose efforts have impacted the quality of life both within their own community and the city as a whole.

Take the time to recognize your community’s dedicated volunteers and nominate someone for a Community Volunteer Award today! It’s easy and will be something they can hold onto forever.

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The deadline for nominations is Friday, February 6.

For more inspiration visit our YouTube channel here for videos of past award winners.

Please contact Rebecca at (403) 244-4111 ext. 204 or by email here if you have any questions.