Update on Infill & looking for volunteers for city working group

On October 25, 2017 by Ben Morin

The team leading the infill scoping report at the City of Calgary is still outlining their approach. At our last update, the team released their vision or direction of a comprehensive approach that would address the following topics

  • How we build the city
    • Exploration of both policy and process
  • What is the role of infill in the city
    • Exploration of community character

They have now released a third objective:

  • immediate discussion to resolve  two short term problems: subterranean development and front porches. This will be in conjunction with the proposed changes for the R-CG district.

*Please note, these are not the final actions moving forward but currently what is being proposed to City management. 

Volunteer to be on an City Infill working Group

While the City is preparing their report to PUD for December 13th, they would like to have a working group comprised industry and community members. This working group would act as a sounding board for the items of immediate discussion and the comprehensive infill review. The criteria for being part of this working group is as follows :

  • Ability to meet monthly (times are TBD)
  • Ability to to provide recommendations on this project on a citywide basis not a community specific basis
  • Ability to understand infill from a broad perspective
  • Understanding of both planning policy and process

If you are interested in being part of this working group, please email Carrie at engageinplanning@calgarycommunities.com