Birdies for Kids

Friends of the Federation Logo
The Friends of the Federation is proud to announce that we have once again been selected as one of the charities to participate in this year’s Shaw Charity Classic Birdies for Kids fundraising program!

If you make a donation through the Birdies for Kids portal, by clicking on the logo below, 100% of your donation along with an up to 50% match will come back to the Friends of the Federation of Calgary Communities to support our workshops and educational resources!

Click on the above logo to donate to the Friends of the Federation.
For every dollar raised, up to 50% will be matched!

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“Shaw Birdies for Kids is a non-profit program run under the Calgary Shaw Charity Classic Foundation. This program was introduced to the 2015 tournament and is a program designed to help raise funds for local charities, engage the community in the tournament, and provide matching funds for each charity involved. Participating charities will receive 100% of every donation collected on their behalf and, through our matching program, will receive extra funding of up to 50% of collected donations.” For more information click here.

Created by: Rebecca Dakin -- Last Modified: June 20, 2018