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Citizens+ Students Planning Project

Citizens+Students Planning Project In this community partnership process senior students and instructors from the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL) at the University of Calgary work on a variety of planning issues in consultation with selected community associations related to both short term problem solving and long term visioning of community enrichment opportunities. The focus is on physical planning and urban design of the built environment and how changes to density, land use, transportation, green space, local services and streetscapes can affect positive changes at a neighbourhood scale. There is a strong community consultation process involved in developing studio projects, and final presentations, reports and design products are produced for the communities involved.

Exploring Communities

Exploring Communities is a community program we offer in collaboration with the Urban Studies department at the University of Calgary. This program brings together students and community based organizations and their volunteers to implement placemaking projects that re-envision unused community spaces. Students work to inspire a meaningful connection between community organizations and their residents through the development of projects by identifying demographics, community needs, and amenities unique to each community. The final projects are presented in a ‘Pitch Night’ where the audience will decide the micro-grant winners!

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