Education and Workshops

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Workshops and Courses:

We offer a number of workshops and courses to help community members navigate planning and development issues, including Partners in Planning, Orientation to the Planning Process and Issues, and a Planning Committee Workshop. Scroll down for details.

Partners In Planning

The Partners in Planning Program (PIP) is an award-winning planning certificate training program offered by the Federation of Calgary Communities in partnership with The City of Calgary, designed to help community association planning volunteers and the public develop skills for effective participation in the planning process.

How it Works:

  • A certificate, signed by the Mayor and the Director of the Federation of Calgary Communities, is earned by completing 4 courses (3 core and 1 elective)
  • This is an ongoing program; there is no time limit to complete the requirements
  • There are no pre-requisites, you may start with any course
  • You may take any course as many times as you like


  • PIP courses are offered on Saturday mornings. Sign in begins at 8:30am and courses run from 9:00am to noon.
  • Coffee and breakfast snacks are provided!
  • You must register in advance here

Past PIP:
For a preview of what upcoming PIP workshops will be like, please see our past PIP sessions (including links to presentations):



Orientation to the Planning Process

These small-group workshops, free for community members, reviews A Community Guide to the Planning Process and gives participants an opportunity to discuss planning related issues with colleagues from other community associations and Federation planners.

Our orientation to the planning process workshop is taught in two parts.

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Planning Committee Workshops

Learn what planning committees can do, and how to develop the organizational structure to run an effective planning committee. Discover some tips for working with other stakeholders in the planning process including The City, developers, local politicians and your own community members. These courses are free for community members.

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Roundtables and Events

The Federation also provides opportunities for community representatives to network and learn about topics of interest by organizing, facilitating or promoting “roundtables” and other events on subjects related to planning, heritage and the environment.

Community Planning Exchange

The Community Planning Exchange (CPE) is a bi-annual free event (Fall and Spring)  that brings communities together to explore and focus on planning topics important to them.  Past events have included: Housing, Community Character, and Working with City Planners and Working with the Development Industry.

2017-2018 theme: Change in communities

Change in communities can consists of both physical and social changes in the form of redevelopment and demographic shifts. Being able to understand these changes will help us understand the future of our city.

The next Community Planning Exchange Part 2 (May 12): 

This half day workshop focused on the life cycle of communities and elements that we see with change:

  1. Life cycle of a school: How do schools opens and close?
  2. Parks and Green Spaces: How are greens spaces and Parks planned and how can we be involved?
  3. Middle housing: What is middle housing and what is the purpose and reason that we are seeing more duplexes, cottages or  four-plexes?

Change in Communities Part 1: 

This half day workshop focused on understanding three innovative approaches that are being used in our city to  address change:

  1. laneway housing; homes typically built into pre-existing lots, usually in the backyard and opening onto the back lane
  2. heritage overlays; planning tools used to preserve the special architectural character and/or historic significance of certain areas within the city
  3. age-friendly planning; planning our communities with demographic changes in mind, in order to enhance quality of life as people age

Heritage Roundtable

The Heritage Roundtable is a knowledgeable group of Calgarians focused on ensuring the physical history in our midst is preserved and promoted. They host quarterly events that are free for all and always include networking. Event topics have included sharing insights into pro-actively addressing local preservation through planning, compiling information on local points of historical significance, and identifying and supporting time-honoured architecture or landscapes. Heritage Roundtable has strong ties to the local heritage community and through a relationship with the Federation of Calgary Communities, their message continues to grow. Check our calendar for upcoming heritage events.

To get on the Heritage Roundtable emailing list, please message with the subject line, “I Consent to Heritage Roundtable Emailers.”

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Last Modified: May 6, 2019