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We work to support and advocate for community association participation in Calgary’s planning system. We do this through four main areas of work:

1. We educate community associations on Calgary’s planning system and how to contribute to it constructively. Educated community associations are better equipped to effectively communicate their local context and needs to other planning stakeholders. Our education programs and resources include the Partners in Planning workshop program, our introductory workshops on the planning process and on starting and running a planning committee,and our bi-weekly newsletter, which communicates planning updates, changes and opportunities in Calgary.

2. We represent broad community association planning interests & perspectives. We primarily do this through participation in a variety of stakeholder committees including:

  • Land Use Bylaw Stakeholder Committee
  • Site Planning Team for Joint Use Sites
  • A range of other commitees and working groups on a case-by-case basis

3.We advocate for the community association role in the planning process. Community associations play an important role in planning: they express community character, context, needs and concerns. As such, the Federation of Calgary Communities continuously advocates for the community role in planning and seek opportunities to improve stakeholder relations between community associations and other planning stakeholders, such as The City of Calgary and developers. The Federation planners liaise with City staff and development industry to continuously identify opportunities for engaging community associations.

4. We bring communities together, along with other planning stakeholders, to share experiences and resources on planning matters. Community associations and their planning volunteers collectively have a great deal of knowledge and experience. By convening communities, we encourage networking, strategizing, and information sharing on planning issues of common concern. A few examples of this work including:

  • Community Planning Exchange: This event series brings communities together to explore and focus on selected planning topics. Past events have included: Housing, Community Character, and Working with City Planners.
  • Community Visioning: Our annual community visioning project aims to educate community residents on planning, and proactively engage in community redevelopment into the future.
  • Peer Support: We connect communities who have skills or experiences to offer with communities who are seeking advice.

Community Associations and the Planning Process:

Community associations are an important participant in the planning and development process. They help to shape and communicate community goals and aspirations by playing a role in the creation of planning policy, such as local area plans, and in policy implementation, for example by commenting on development applications. They are repositories of local knowledge and history. They provide City authorities and development applicants with advice and insight into neighbourhood issues, concerns, and desires.

Community association “planning committees” may take on a number of roles and tasks related to community building, change and improvement. They review applications for land use re-designation (rezoning), subdivision and development permits, and take on other proactive opportunities to affect change in their communities. The community association planning role may also address issues such as traffic, parks, heritage conservation and community improvements.

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Last Modified: July 6, 2018