Virtual Resource Centre

As part of the Building Safe Communities (BSC) program, this Virtual Resource Centre offers a wide range of resources on crime prevention, safety, community engagement, and more.

BSC Crime Prevention & Safety Resources:

Apartment Security Tips
Auto Theft
Bust Graffiti
Christmas and Holiday Safety Advice
Community Policing
Crisis Services
Do You Have A Drug House In Your Neighbourhood?
Don’t Let Intruders Deceive You On The Phone
Don’t Let The Grinch (Thieves) Steal Christmas
Engaging Vulnerable People
Going on a Holiday?
Graffiti Vandalism
Home Security Checklist
How to Report Crime
My Neighbour Card
Personal Safety At Home
Personal Safety While Driving
Personal Safety When Walking
Partners In Crime Prevention: Drug Awareness  
Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft
Slow the Flow of Traffic in Your Community
Think Safety
Trick-or-Treat Tips
Safety Audit
Workplace Bullying

BSC Community Engagement Resources:

Community engagement is often described as getting to know your neighbours, building relationships, and fostering a sense of belonging. Communities where neighbours look after each other often experience less crime. The below resources offer ways of engaging your residents to make your community safer and help reduce crime.
Around The Block: Let’s Walk!
Benefits of Membership
Human Bingo Engagement Tool
Little Libraries
Love Where You Live: Host a Block Party
My Neighbour Card
Meet Your Neighbours
People Centered Initiatives
Snow Angels Helping Communities

Calgary Police Service Resources:

Chain Letter Postcard
Cyber Bullying Postcard
Email Safety Postcard
Family Computer Contract Postcard
Graffiti Free Calgary Postcard
Hate Hurts Postcard
How To Keep Your Home & Property Safe & Secure
Identity Theft Postcard
Protect Your Business From Crime
Protect Yourself From Scams
Quick Guide To Personal Safety in Calgary
Safe Surfing Postcard

Calgary Fire Department Fire Safety Resources:

3 Minute Fire Drill Exercise
Apartment Building Fire Safety
Calgary Emergency Management Agency: Household Emergency Action Plan
Calgary Fire Station Locations
Carbon Monoxide Alarms 
Fire Extinguishers 
Fire Prevention Bureau Inspection Checklist: Secondary Suites
Fire Prevention Week Information  
Home Fire Safety Checklist
Home Safety Program with the Calgary Fire Department 
Visit the Calgary Fire Department’s website for more information

Community Newsletter Article Bank:

Have you ever needed an extra article for your communtiy newsletter?  BSC now offers a variety of articles on crime prevention and safety topics.
Don’t Let Thieves Steal Christmas Internet Safety for Children
Fraud Prevention and Safe Surfing Meet New Neighbours
Gangs in Calgary Phishing Scams
Graffiti New! Theft from Vehicles
Holiday Safety Victims of Crime
Identity Theft Walking in your Community
Illegal Encampments New Year Resolutions
Neighbour Cards Spring Clean Up
Community Preparedness Back 2 School
Bike Safety
Responsible Pet Ownership

Canadian Crime Stoppers Association:

Crime Stoppers is a civilian, non profit, charitable organization that brings together in a triparte relationship, the police services of a community, the media and the community in the fight against crime.

Crime Stoppers provides citizens with a vehicle to anonymously supply the police with information about a crime or potential crime of which they have knowledge. Cash rewards are offered to people who call the program and their information leads to an arrest.

View their website and resources here.

Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness Resources 

from CEMA (Calgary Emergency Management Agency)

72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit
Business Continunity Guide
Emergency Alert Information
Emergency Contact Sheet
Emergency Plans for Pets
Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities
Household Emergency Action Plan
Household Emergency Action Plan – detailed
Important Documents Checklist
Know the Risks
Municipal Emergency Plan
Ready Calgary: Building Community Resilience (Individual + Family)
Stay Safe During a Flood
Thunderstorm Emergencies
Tornato Emergencies
Winter Storm Emergencies
For more CEMA resources and information, visit their website here

Translated Tip Sheets and Resources:

The Federation of Calgary Communities has partnered with Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA) to bring you various BSC tip sheet and resources that were translated by the CIWA Labour Market Bridging for Volunteers: Interpretation and Translation program students.  Popular resources from BSC were translated into the top 12 most spoken languages in Calgary. Find out more about CIWA and what they offer by clicking here.
Arabic Translation Punjabi Translation
Bust Graffiti – Arabic Around the Block: Let’s Walk – Punjabi
CA info Federation – Arabic Auto Theft – Punjabi
How to Report Crime – Arabic Bust Graffiti – Punjabi
Little Libraries – Arabic Drug House – Punjabi
Meet Your Neighbours – Arabic Graffiti Vandalism – Punjabi
Slow the Flow of Traffic – Arabic How to Report Crime – Punjabi
Snow Angels Helping Communities – Arabic Little Libraries – Punjabi
Slow the Flow of Traffic – Punjabi
Farsi Translation Snow Angels Helping Communities – Punjabi
Auto Theft – Farsi
Bust Graffiti – Farsi Hindi Translation
Drug Houses – Farsi Auto Theft – Hindi
Graffiti Vandalism – Farsi Drug Houses – Hindi
How to Report Crime – Farsi Graffiti Vandalism – Hindi
Meet Your Neighbours – Farsi How to Report Crime – Hindi
Slow The Flow of Traffic – Farsi Walking Guide Final – Hindi
Snow Angels Helping Communities – Farsi
Russian Translation
Chinese (Simplified) Translation Auto Theft – Russian
Auto Theft – Simplified Chinese Drug Houses – Russian
Around the Block: Let’s Walk – Simplified Chinese Graffiti Vandalism – Russian
Drug Houses – Simplified Chinese How to Report Crime – Russian
Graffiti Vandalism – Simplified Chinese
How to Report Crime – Simplified Chinese German Translation
Little Libraries – Chinese Auto Theft – German
Love Where You Live – Host a Block Party – Chinese Around the Block: Let’s Walk – German
Meet Your Neighbours – Chinese Graffiti Vandalism – German
Slow the Flow of Traffic – Chinese How to Report Crime – German
Snow Angels Helping Communities – Chinese
Spanish Translation
Mandarin Translation Auto Theft – Spanish
Bust Graffiti – Mandarin Around the Block: Let’s Walk – Spanish
CA info – Mandarin Bust Graffiti – Spanish
How to Report Crime – Mandarin Drug Houses – Spanish
Graffiti Vandalism – Spanish
Italian Translation How to Report Crime – Spanish
Bust Graffiti – Italian Love Where You Live – Block Party – Spanish
CA info Federation – Italian Meet Your Neighbours – Spanish
Little Libraries – Italian Slow the Flow of Traffic – Spanish
Meet Your Neighbours – Italian Snow Angels Helping Communities – Spanish
Slow the Flow of Traffic – Italian
Snow Angels Helping Communities – Italian Tagalog Translation
Bust Graffiti – Tagalog
Romanian Translation CA info Federation – Tagalog
Bust Graffiti – Romanian How to Report Crime – Tagalog
CA info Federation – Romanian Little Libraries – Tagalog
Little Libraries – Romanian Meet Your Neighbours – Tagalog
Meet Your Neighbours – Romanian Slow the Flow of Traffic – Tagalog
Slow the Flow of Traffic – Romanian Snow Angels Helping Communities – Tagalog
Korean Translation Ukrainian Translation
Auto Theft – Korean Auto Theft – Ukrainian
Around the Block: Let’s Walk – Korean Drug Houses – Ukrainian
Bust Graffiti – Korean Graffiti Vandalism – Ukrainian
CA info Federation – Korean How to Report Crime – Ukrainian
Drug Houses – Korean Around the Block: Let’s Walk – Ukrainian
Graffiti Vandalism – Korean
How to Report Crime – Korean Vietnamese Translation
Little Libraries – Korean Auto Theft – Vietnamese
Love Where You Live – Block Party – Korean Drug Houses – Vietnamese
Meet Your Neighbours – Korean Graffiti Vandalism – Vietnamese
Slow the Flow of Traffic – Korean How to Report Crime – Vietnamese
Around the Block: Let’s Walk – Vietnamese

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Building Safe Communities Coordinator
(403) 244-4111 ext. 225

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