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Building Safe Communities staff provide information, support and referrals to community associations in the area of crime prevention and safety.  Communication can be through email, telephone or in person.


The Federation of Calgary Communities, in partnership with the Calgary Police Service and the Calgary Fire Department,  are working together to offer tips and tools on crime prevention and safety issues in Calgary!

Partners in Crime Prevention Workshop Series

January 18, 2017


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February 15, 2017


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Building Community: Engaging Through Safety Initiatives

May 9, 2017


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Past Partners in Crime Prevention Workshops

March 9, 2016 – Graffiti Vandalism is any figures, letters, drawings or stickers that are applied, scribbled, scratched, etched, sprayed or attached to the surface of any premises, structure or other property without previous permission. Graffiti vandalism is not a victimless crime. Our presenters from Calgary Transit and Animal and Bylaw Service offered valuable information including information on the graffiti abatement program. Also, click here for more information on graffiti.
February 10, 2016 – Community Safety Officer Shelley Steele from the Calgary Fire Department offered a very informative workshop on fire safety in Calgary including intense fire extinguisher training. To access these resources.

November 18, 2015 – This personal safety presentation encouraged attendees to think about how to reduce the risk of being attacked and about being observant of your surroundings at all times. We will discussed the Crime Triangle—desire, ability and opportunity. For a personal safety resource, click here.

October 14, 2015 – This Seniors Safety presentation focused on elder abuse, online safety and common scams.  Learn what resources are available to communities and how the Calgary Police Service responds to these issues by viewing the presentation from Cst. Glenn Rowley here.

May 12, 2015 – This Personal Safety workshop addressed ways that Calgarians can protect themselves from becoming victims of crime and provide valuable information regarding what it takes to be a “Good Witness”.  For a personal safety resource, click here.

April 14, 2015 – At this workshop, Shirin Radhmer, the CPTED coordinator for the Calgary Police shared CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) strategies and principles around the designing skateparks.  Environmental design can minimize the risk of undesirable activities and social disorders in neighborhoods with skateparks. CPTED  highlights the importance of lighting, landscape, signage, maintenance, as well as the architectural features.  More CPTED information is found here. Also, click here for Skatepark information with the City of Calgary.

March 10, 2015 – For this Partners in Crime Prevention workshop we had Cst. Carter Duscheney offerd valuable information around online exploitation and cyberbullying to a very engaged group of community association volunteers, general public and other CPS officers. You may also access this list of resources on this topic.

February 10, 2015 – Together with Animal and Bylaw Services and Calgary Transit we explored staying safe on Calgary Transit and infromation on the community standards bylaw.  To report any issues to Calgary Transit or for general inquiries call 403-262-1000. For bylaw inquiries, call 3-1-1 or visit

January 13, 2015 – Together with the Crime Prevention Unit we had a very informative workshop on Organized Retail Crime and how it impacts communities. Shoplifting an item or two isn’t common anymore – typically, criminals are organized and generating illicit incomes from organized theft. For business owners, check out and protect yourselves. As consumers, if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

November 19, 2014 – We had an excellent turn out for the Partners in Crime Prevention Workshop: Guns and Gangs with Sgt. Jason Walker. If you missed the workshop, find out information about Guns and Gangs in Calgary here.

Ocotber 29, 2014 – Thanks to all who attended the Partners in Crime Prevention Workshop: Home Fire Safety Special with Community Safety Officer for the Calgary Fire Department, Shelley Steele.  For fire safety resources, please visit our Virtual Resource Centre.

For information and useful information on crime prevention and safety topics from other past workshops, please click here.

Thank you to all attendees of the Partners in Crime Prevention workshop series in 2014 and 2015!  In 2014 we recognized participants who attended all 4 workshops with certificates on May 7th. Congratulations!

Partners in Crime Prevention Certificate Presentation

Partners in Crime Prevention Certificate Presentation


Tyson Bankert
Building Safe Communities Coordinator
(403) 244-4111 ext. 225

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