Building Safe Communities


Building Safe Communities (BSC) uses a community development approach to working with community associations and identified partners to provide Calgarians with the tools and resources to support resident-led strategies on crime prevention and safety. Through our partnership with community associations, we aim to not only impact crime and safety but also increased resident engagement!

The BSC program has 3 areas of focus:

1. Building Safe Communities Guide


Building Safe Communities is now offered in a new format. This format will consist of 24 quick and easy cue cards created to engage on any component of Building Safe Communities. The guide is separated into three parts: issues, solutions and action plan. The guide gives information on how to gather the safety issues in your community, find solutions and create an action  plan toward a safer community.

The Building Safe Communities guide focuses on three main principles: building relationships, safety and crime prevention and resident-led engagement.

Click on the below image to view the Building Safe Communities Guide!


2. Building Safe Communities Videos


3. Virtual Resource Centre

The Virtual Resource Centre on crime prevention and safety provides tools and resources to individuals and community groups, including crime prevention tip sheets, community engagement resources and more!  Tools and resources are continually developed so check back regularly. Over 100 resources are available already!

Click here to visit the Virtual Resource Centre.


Contact Us:

Tyson Bankert
Building Safe Communities Coordinator
(403) 244-4111 ext. 225


Last Modified: September 13, 2018