Our Services


Building Stronger Communities

  • Supporting welcoming and inclusive places
  • Helping organizations find ways to get more people engaged
  • Creating workshops and resources on crime prevention, safety, and engagement

Celebrating Communities

  • Recognizing our members’ successes, milestones, and volunteers
  • Showing Calgarians how awesome community organizations are
  • Keeping in touch with our members, stakeholders, and the media
  • Offering funding opportunities for programs, events, and energy efficiency

Organization Development

  • Giving one-on-one support
  • Hosting workshops on non-profit best practices
  • Helping organizations with lots of governance resources and referrals
  • Selling helpful resources like hall rental forms and in-house printing

Urban Planning

  • Hosting workshops for our members, their volunteers, and Calgarians
  • Advocating for community associations in the planning process
  • Putting on events to bring organizations together with planning stakeholders
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  • Giving financial literacy advice and help
  • Offering professional, lower cost public practice audits
  • Helping with tax, AGLC, and financial compliance



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ActivateYYC Microgrants 

Energizing Spaces Fund

Our Insurance Program

Our Financial Institution of Choice

Last Modified: January 3, 2019