October 30, 2019 Get Engaged!

October 30, 2019 Get Engaged!

October 30, 2019

In this issue:

  • Have your voice heard!
  • Important: Insurance rates are going up
  • Citizens+Students application closes soon
  • Mayor’s Christmas Food Drive just around the corner


… and more!



Have your voice heard!
We want to hear from you! What do you really think about us? Click here to take this short, anonymous survey to help us better serve you and the non-profit sector in Calgary! The survey closes November 10.

Important: Insurance rates are going up

Toole Peet has been reaching out to communicate about the insurance renewal process. We understand that insurance is going up as much as 15%. We know this is a concern and we have encouraged Toole Peet to communicate directly with each of you. To support each of us, they are offering a face-to-face meeting, phone call, or video conference. In terms of the increase, the market has changed substantially. In fact, some insurance companies will NOT quote non-profit. If they do, they don’t cover the same exposures that Toole Peet has been able to get included. That said, Toole Peet has consistently gone to market to negotiate the best coverage for the work we do. They have been to every insurance company (and do so annually) to see if they can find better products with more coverage, at cheaper costs. We strongly recommend, if you have concerns, to you discuss your coverage with Neil or Michael. Contact Neil at nhogg@toolepeet.com or 403-209-5428. Contact Michael at mmurray@toolepeet.com or 403-209-5438. You need to ensure that your organization has the right coverage for your operation. This is your responsibility as a board member.


Exploring Communities is back and looking for new communities!
Exploring Communities ‘Community Collabs’ is back again! We are looking for four new community associations to take part in this exciting opportunity and make placemaking projects happen in their neighbourhoods! Through this program, students from the University of Calgary Urban Studies program will work with your organization to design a project that will inspire residents to come together. All projects will be presented in a Pitch Night event and the two top projects will be awarded funds to bring the projects to life! Deadline to apply is November 30. Click here for more details and to apply today!


Click here for more upcoming events

Citizens+Students application closes soon!
Don’t miss out on an opportunity for your community to work with the University of Calgary School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL) graduate students on urban design ideas to enhance the built environment! This project will help you create a vision for what your community could become as our city grows and changes. Click here to apply before the November 15 deadline!

Attend one of our focus group sessions
At the Federation, our job is to support, train, encourage, and advocate for community non-profit leaders and volunteers. In order to do that, we must understand not only our community, but also how the community perceives us. Please help us with this by sharing your insights at one of our two focus groups sessions. We would like your feedback and ideas so that we can improve what we do, how people learn about us, and how they access our services. The sessions are designed to be interactive, insightful, and fun. Please consider attending. RSVP for either the November 14 session, or the November 15 session.

Save the date for Cork Connection!
Cork Connection is back! Join us on February 1, 2020 for our 5th annual Cork Connection Wine Tasting & Silent Auction! Our “friendraiser” is a great opportunity to come out and meet other great community volunteers, while enjoying wine, cheese, and an exciting silent auction! Tickets go on sale November 1! Bonus: Purchase your tickets by November 30, you’ll automatically be entered into a draw to win 2 (two) free tickets! Click here to view the event page.

Mayor’s Christmas Food Drive just around the corner!
Mayor Nenshi and the Calgary community are supporting the Calgary Food Bank this holiday season. Contact Tara at twenzel@calgaryfoodbank.com or 403-253-2059 ext. 206 for more information and to set up your #MayorsFoodDrive and #FeedYYC! Click here to learn more about this annual campaign!

Calgary Climate Symposium
The City of Calgary is hosting its 2nd annual Calgary Climate Symposium as an opportunity to open up the conversation about climate change. Connect with community and youth leaders, entrepreneurs, prominent climate experts and City staff for a series of unique (and free!) networking and learning opportunities. Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #fortheclimateyyc or register for any of the 8 different events happening here.

Energy Savings Tip: DWHR Device
Install a Drain Water Recovery Device (DWHR) device in your home or commercial facility and turn the waste heat going down the drain into valuable energy savings. DWHR devices capture heat otherwise destined for the sewer and transfer it to cold water coming into your hot water system, resulting in less energy required to heat your water. They are available in home hardware stores. Click here to contact our Energy Manager for more information!

Here are a few highlights from our urban planning world this month. Be sure to check our blog for a complete listing of recent events and updates! ​​​​

1.The Guidebook for Great Communities (GGC)

The City is adopting a new Guidebook for Great Communities (GGC) which directs how communities will grow and evolve. The Guidebook is the tool (statutory policy) that sets out guidance and a common understanding of how development will contribute to a great community (see attached letter to community). If you have comments about the Guidebook, there will be two public hearings: Wednesday, November 6 at SPC on PUD and then at Council on Monday, December 16. In the meantime, we encourage you to:

  • Learn more by visiting the links
  • Engage your community
  • Let us know if you engage your Councillor
  • Copy us on any letters you send


2. Multi Community Plans (MCPs)
Approximately 42 districts (or MCP areas), representing the built-out area of the city, will undergo the MCP process over roughly the next 10 years (about 4 per year). The MCPs are based on The Guidebook for Great Communities (GGC). The GGC houses common policy which would otherwise be repeated in MCPs.

3. North Hill Communities Multi Community Plan (MCP)

The North Hill Communities multi community plan working group is currently reviewing Calgary’s first MCP. This work is almost complete and is now reviewing their plan against The Guidebook for Great Communities. In addition, Bridgeland Riverside Community Association will be joining this MCP. We expect it to go to Council in March 2020. Click the link above to learn more.

4. Heritage Communities Multi Community Plan (MCP)

The Heritage Communities multi community planning process kicked off with a meeting of working group members last week. The working group will be developing a new MCP based on the Guidebook for Great Communities. Click the link above to learn more.

5. Westbrook Communities Multi Community Plan (MCP)

The City is reviewing working group applications and will be in touch with successful applicants in the coming weeks. The working group will be developing a new MCP based on the Guidebook for Great Communities. Click the link above to learn more.

6. How Will the City Fund Growth and Change?

The City is working on a strategy called the Established Areas Growth and Change Strategy. The work is broadly focused on enabling growth in established areas of Calgary that is aligned with policy, supported by the market and financially sustainable. This work is ongoing. The purpose is to support communities and businesses where growth and change is occurring. If your community is in one of the areas of interest, EAGCS staff will be reaching out in the coming weeks to meet with your board. This is an important conversation, so please make time for these conversations at your board – inivite the planning committee as well!

7. Planning Committees Workshop

Our Planning Committees Workshop is November 6th. This workshop will teach you the basics of planning committees – how to get one established and how to work effectively with other members and planning stakeholders. Click the link above to register.

Tip-Sheet – Oversight of Risk by the Board of Directors
Are you a new board member and want to know more about your responsibilities related to risk management? Check out these excellent resources in our online resource library!