October 2, 2019 Get Engaged!

October 2, 2019 Get Engaged!

October 2, 2019

In this issue:

  • Check out our updated website!
  • Deadline for Faces of Community nominations
  • CCVO #nonprofitsvote
  • Orientation to the Planning Process workshop


… and more!


Check out our updated website!

We are excited to announce the launch of our updated website! After a well-deserved refresh, our website is now modern, capable, and fun! Click here to have a look through our website!

ActivateYYC applications closed!

It snowed in September… but ActivateYYC grant recipients are still not slowing down! There are a number of DREAM, SCHEME, and ACTIVATE sessions happening over the next few months, with all projects to be completed by December 2019. Check out our website for all the details or email Mackenzie to get involved with an existing project.

Application Open: Citizens+Students

This is an opportunity for your community to work with UofC’s SAPL students on urban design ideas to enhance the built environment. This project will help you create a vision for what your community could become as our city grows and changes. Participants will work with graduate students to explore physical planning, urban design, public engagement and project management needs. This project requires the active involvement of the Community Planning Committee Chair or Board Chair throughout. Click here to learn more and apply. Applications are due November 15 at 5:00pm.

Monday Matters – October 7, 2019

Demystifying Financial Statements – October 23, 2019

Board Basics 101 – October 26, 2019

Monday Matters – November 4, 2019

Planning Committees – November 6, 2019


Click here for more upcoming events

Deadline for Faces of Community Nominations!

The deadline to nominate an amazing volunteer in your community is Sunday, October 13 at midnight! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to recognize someone for their work in making our city great! Click here to submit your nomination today!

Board Leadership Calgary Learning Event 2019

Registration for Board Leadership Calgary’s Learning Event for Non-Profits 2019 is now open! This one-day learning event is for current or potential board members and staff of small non-profits, as well as members of community organizations and grassroots groups. Topics this year include: board governance basics, non-profit budgets, grant writing, strategic planning and thinking, and much more! For more information or to register, click here.

Energy Tip: Behavioural Changes

Did you know that changing your behaviour about how you use energy is the cheapest and most effective way to save money on your energy bills? Switching OFF lights and air conditioners in unoccupied spaces, for example, will significantly reduce your energy consumption while requiring zero dollar investment! For any questions about energy efficiency in your organization, click here to contact our Energy Manager.

CCVO #nonprofitsvote

The Federal Election is on October 21 and CCVO has support for how you can engage as a nonprofit. You can check out their #nonprofitsvote campaign and have your voice heard using their Federal Election Vote Kit here. The Vote Kit can help you create your vote plan and engage your organization in the voting process. Not sure how your organization can engage in advocacy during the election? Check out their Federal Election Nonprofit Advocacy Guide here.

City of Calgary’s Climate Program

Are you aware of what the City is doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, manage energy consumption, and prepare for and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate? Click here to stay informed and also to learn how you can contribute to achieve these goals.

Calgary Foundation: Vital City 2019

You’re invited to be a citizen of Vital City, October 24, 2019. From murals to community gardens, the Calgary Foundation supports local, citizen-led projects that better our city and communities through their Neighbour Grants Program. Join the 20th anniversary celebration of this initiative, click here to register.

Here are a few highlights from our urban planning world this month. Be sure to check our blog for a complete listing of recent events and updates! ​​​​​

1. Orientation to the Planning Process (OPP)

Our Orientation to the Planning Process workshop is tonight! If you have not registered yet, please do so by emailing Jen at engageinplanning@calgarycommunities.com. This workshop starts with the absolute basics to help you understand planning policies and how decisions are made at the City.

2. Guidebook for Great Communities and Toward a Renewed Land Use Bylaw

The proposed Guidebook for Great Communities will be going to Planning and Urban Development Committee October 2nd and to a public hearing of Council November 18th. This document will guide how Calgary will evolve and change. It will be adopted as part of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP), our City’s most authoritative piece of planning policy. Administration will also be working towards renewing the Land Use Bylaw based on the new Guidebook. The proposed framework can be accessed by clicking this link: A Framework for a Renewed Land Use Bylaw & Outline for New Districts​

3. North Hill Communities Local Growth Planning

The North Hill Communities Local Growth Planning working group is creating a local area plan(s) to help guide growth and redevelopment in the communities of Capitol Hill, Mount Pleasant, Rosedale, Crescent Heights, Highland Park, Tuxedo Park, Greenview Industrial, Winston Heights / Mountainview and Renfrew. This is a pilot for the new district local area plans to which the proposed Guidebook for Great Communities will apply. (The old Developed Areas Guidebook (DAG) has been adopted as Volume 2, Part 3 of the MDP and only applies to Area Redevelopment Plans (ARPs) which were created using the DAG).

4. The Established Areas Growth and Change Strategy

Building from the foundation of the New Community Growth Strategy, EAGCS meetings have been ongoing since fall of 2018. The central question driving the meetings is: To enable community growth and change in the Established Area, what level and location of investment is required, and how and when should it be funded? Engagement has included representatives of communities, Business Improvement Associations, and the development industry. The ultimate deliverable is a set of investment recommendations that can be considered as part of the mid-cycle budget adjustments in 2020. Click here to read the EAGCS Scoping Report.

5. The Heritage Conservation Tools and Incentives Report

The Heritage Conservation Tools and Incentives Report will go to Planning and Urban Development (PUD) Committee of Council on December 4th, and to Council on December 15th. Heritage district overlay policy was originally discussed as part of the Guidebook for Great Communities (formerly the DAG). The report will contain proposed financial incentives for heritage conservation, as well as draft policy for heritage district overlays.

7. Engagement Open – New Urban Park Space in the Beltline

Provide your input in the second public engagement session for a new urban park space at 936 16 Avenue SW. Tell the City what you think about the design concepts by clicking the link above.

8. Provide your input – Tell the City what you think about the scooter pilot currently underway

A two-year Dockless Bike Share Pilot was approved by Council in July 2018. In July 2019 fleets of electric scooters were added to the pilot. The City wants to know what you think about the scooter pilot currently underway. Provide your input by clicking the link above.

The Community Guide to the Planning Process

Are you interested in the development process in your community or a new member of the Urban Planning Committee at your community association? We have some excellent resources for you to help guide you through the City of Calgary’s planning process.