November 11, 2020 Get Engaged!

November 11, 2020 Get Engaged!

November 11, 2020

In this issue:

  • New Faces at the Federation
  • November Faces of Community Feature
  • Marda Loop Justice Film Festival
  • Municipal Development Plan & Transportation Plan

and more!

New Faces at the Federation 
We’ve had some new staff join us and thought it would be a good time for a quick Federation update. Madina Kanayeva is our new Organization Capacity Coordinator. Shivani Joshi is an Audit Technician. Courtney Cooper is our new Communications Coordinator, and finally, Kenneth Appleby, the new Marketing and Communication Assistant. We’re all excited to be working with you

Board Leadership 
Did you miss the first Board Leadership workshop? Join us for Cash Flow for Management in Times of Uncertainty on November 21 at 10:30am, register today! Board Leadership Calgary aims to provide basic level learnings for board of directors, staff, and anyone looking to be involved in non-profit organizations.

Employment Standards 
On November 12 at 7:00 pm we are hosting a workshop on Employment Standards. Join us as we discuss the difference between hiring contractors vs. employees, the importance of job descriptions, employment contracts, and employment standards changes. This virtual workshop will also explore proper employment and hiring practices. Be Part of It!

November Faces of Community
Meet Karen, our November Faces of the Community feature! Karen is a volunteer with the Temple Community Association. In her time with Temple, Karen has built up her community through several initiatives like Pub Nights and Seniors Coffee. Through her work with the Community Association, she has been able to use her position to engage with residents and create connections. Learn more about Karen and all the work she does.

Grant Accounting Virtual Workshop 
We have a Grant Accounting workshop on November 19 at 7:00 pm. This workshop is perfect for anyone who is an accountant or has lots of accounting experience. The Grant accounting workshop will help hone your non-profit accounting skills by teaching you how to handle grants and other restricted funds. Join us as we explore key elements of properly recording your restricted cash. Be Part of It!

Planning Committees
Did you know planning committees are residents’ go-to source of information for everything planning and development related? Join us November 18 at 7:00 pm to learn about the basics of planning committees, how to get them established, and how to work effectively with other members and planning stakeholders. Register today!

Justice Film Festival 
The Marda Loop Justice Film Festival (MLJFF) is here! Check out great documentaries from around the world from November 16 to November 22. For the first time, the festival will take place online. The MLJFF uses the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals to select the films they screen. Since 2006, The Marda Loop Justice Film Festival has presented world class documentaries to Calgary and area free of charge, check out their website for more information.

Calgary Youth Justice Committee 
The Calgary Youth Justice Society (CYJS) engages communities and young people to foster choices and opportunities that build upon their strengths to help divert them from crime. Did you know community residents can be involved in Youth Justice Committees?  Join a short and informative Zoom session on November 16 or November 17 at 5:00 pm. You will learn how you can help provide support and resources to your community, young people and the Youth Justice Committee program. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Courtney Russell.

Healthy Minds
The Immigrant Education Society (TIES) has launched several mental health service projects. The projects will support all Albertans by helping to enhance mental health during the pandemic through a variety of resources (link website on resources) such as workshops, professional counselling services, and comprehensives information package. Workshops run Tuesday-Friday, participants can register here/ TIES counselling services is free of charge!

Alberta Budget
The government of Alberta is currently working through the 2021 budgets and wants to hear form you, to get engaged you can take this online survey. There will be other ways to be involved such as the return of the Build a Budget tool, three telephone town halls which will allow you to share your ideas directly with Finance Minister Travis Toews. Your input will help drive decisions to ensure the Government of Alberta can continue providing important programs and services

Here are a few highlights from our urban planning world this month. Be sure to check our blog for a complete listing of recent events and updates!

There are a few items below that went to City Council on November 2 that you may be interested in. To view the November 2 Council meeting minutes and meeting video, click here.
1. Municipal Development Plan & Calgary Transportation Plan – Proposed Plans
The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP), Calgary’s long-range land use and transportation plans, have recently undergone revisions. Council approved the proposed documents and gave them the first reading. They will now go to the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board for review, then will return to Council for a second and third reading. You can view the presentation under item 8.2.1 in the minutes. Click the link to read the proposed documents.

2. Neighbourhood Speed Limit Review
City Administration presented recommendations to Council on changing the unposted speed limit from 50 km/h to 40 km/h within the city limits. Council voted to refer the decision to the February 1, 2021 Strategic Meeting of Council. At this meeting, Council will either decide on lowering speed limits, or if this decision will go to a plebiscite on the 2021 Municipal Election ballot. You can view to report under item 8.2.2 in the minutes. You can learn more about the project at the above link.

3. Residential Parking Program Review
Changes have been proposed to the residential parking program; some of the proposed changes include implementing a fee for some users, increasing the fee for permits, and changes to visitor parking permits. Council voted for Administration to do further work on his project, and to come back in Q1 2021. You can view the report under item 11.4.3 in the minutes. Learn more about the project from the link above.

4. Changes to Parking for Businesses
Administration proposed the removal of minimum parking requirements for businesses from the Land Use Bylaw. This is to help businesses as they recover from the economic downturn and support Calgary’s climate goals. Council approved these changes to the Land Use Bylaw. You can view the report under item 8.2.3 in the minutes. You can learn more about the project from the link above.

Tip Sheet – Budgets 
Are you a new member of the finance committee or a treasurer for your organization? Congrats! Check out the new resources to help you with your annual budgeting needs!