May 1, 2019

May 1, 2019
May 1, 2019

In this issue:

  • Board Application Deadline
  • Exploring Communities Final Projects
  • How To Make Energy Efficiency Work For You
  • Future City Builders Urban Action Pitch-Off
  • Partners in Planning

… and more!

Board Application Deadline
The deadline to apply to be on our board is Monday, May 6! We need volunteers with experience in the areas of legal, human resources, and fundraising to join our board! Email for your copy of the Prospective Board Member Handbook or to submit your resume.
Exploring Communities Final Projects
While our Exploring Communities program might have finished last month, we are still excited about all the awesome projects that were pitched! Our Pitch Night event on April 10th featured each group pitching their placemaking project to a panel of judges in the hopes of winning $1,000 dollars for the community association to go towards the project. Take a peek at all of these awesome placemaking projects here.
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Monday Matters – May 6, 2019
Partners in Planning: Planning an Inclusive City – May 11, 2019
How To Make Energy Efficiency Work For You – May 15, 2019
Reading Financial Statements – May 23, 2019
Monday Matters – June 3, 2019
How to make Energy Efficiency work for you
Join us on May 15th as we discuss practical steps to help reduce your energy consumption, identify common energy waste sources in homes and community centres, and much more! The event will be hosted by our Energy Manger at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre between 7pm and 9pm. Click here to learn more or to register!
Future City Builders Urban Action Pitch-Off
On May 1st, join Future City Builders as they host the Urban Action Pitch-Off Night from 7:00-9:30 pm! Five groups will be competing for a chance to win $5,000 in seed funding for their ideas to improve our food system. Come discover what young Calgarians are doing to contribute to the resiliency of our food system! It is not too late to register for this free event, click here to learn more.

Energizing Spaces Fund – Round 1 Recipients
Congratulations to the community associations of Forest Lawn and Whitehorn who received funding to upgrade a variety of outdoor and ice rink lighting to LED, as well as Deer Run, Riverbend, and Southview who will be able to replace a variety of old energy-sucking appliances ranging from commercial refrigerators and dishwashers to washers and dryers! A big thanks to ENMAX for their continued support and dedication to this funding program. The round 2 application deadline will be September 30, 2019.
Celebrate Neighbour Day
Neighbour Day is a time for Calgarians to come together and celebrate Calgary’s strong community spirit! Whether through a block party, an early Stampede Breakfast, or maybe even a chalk drawing contest, Calgarians exemplify what it means to be a great neighbour on Neighbour Day! Click here to check out the City of Calgary’s “Plan your Neighbour Day event” page for more information!​​​​​​​ And don’t forget to use the hashtag: #yycNeighbourDay. We are looking forward to all the great Neighbour Day events on June 15th!
Here are a few highlights from our urban planning world this month. Be sure to check our blog for a complete listing of recent events and updates!

1. Partners in Planning
We still have some spots left for the last Partners in Planning course for the summer “Planning an Inclusive City”. The walking tour which will focus on Affordable Housing and Accessibility will take place on May 11th. Registration is limited, so be sure to sign up through the link above. If you have completed all your courses and are eligible for your certificate this year, we will contact you later this month.

2. Pop-Up and Interim Commercial Spaces Update
The City of Calgary is proposing pop-up (4 days) uses and interim (6 months) uses in vacant commercial spaces without development permits. The proposed uses will be on a temporary basis and is a response to the economic downturn and changing retail climate. Calgary Planning Commission unanimously accepted the proposals by the City project team. To learn more about the project, please click on the link above.

3. Development Permit Notifications
The City is improving the way it communicates with citizens. After May 16th, Development Permits will no longer be published in newspapers. Click on the link above to see all the planned development the City of Calgary is considering. The website also allows residents to provide feedback on developments.

4. Bowness Flood Barrier Project
The City has started planning for flood mitigation barriers along the Bow River in the Bowness community. The City would like to know how the proposed barriers could affect trees, fish and wildlife. If you have pictures of the wildlife in the Bowness area or any other comments, please click the link above. Comments can be provided until May 24th.

Commercial Collection Service Set-Up
Did you know that community associations can request residential green carts for compost pick up instead of large dumpsters? Click the link above or call 311 for a service quote.
​1. Using Your Green Cart
2. Guide – Waste Reduction for Events and Festivals