March 20, 2019

March 20, 2019
March 20, 2019

In this issue:

  • Energizing Spaces Fund Deadline March 31
  • AGLC Charitable Gaming Model Review
  • New Interactive “Find Your Community” Map
  • CCVO #nonprofitsvote
  • Next 20: Municipal Development Plan Review Engagement

… and more!

Energizing Spaces Fund Deadline March 31
The round one application deadline for the Energizing Spaces Fund is fast approaching! Apply before March 31st to replace your old, energy-sucking electrical appliances or to upgrade your outdoor lighting to LED bulbs. If you’ve applied before, you WILL need to re-apply, as we start a new application process every calendar year. Click here for more information or to apply today!

AGLC Charitable Gaming Model Under Review
AGLC is once again looking at reviewing their Charitable Gaming Model. We are at the table after securing a spot at the Regional Stakeholder Working Group. This work will take place between March and December 2019, election dependent. At this point, it is our understanding that engagement will be across all stakeholders with emphasis placed on “policies that may not reflect current expectations and expected outcomes for charitable gaming.” The key areas that will be raised include: Eligibility of charitable organizations; Charitable organizations’ allowed use of proceeds from gaming events; Equitable distribution of charitable gaming proceeds from casino events; and, volunteer requirements (casinos) to reduce burden on organization to recruit volunteers. We will continue to keep you updated on any further developments.

Alberta Ecotrust’s Environmental Gathering
Alberta Ecotrust is a unique partnership between the corporate sector and the environmental community that funds non-profit environmental projects. They are holding their 2019 Environmental Gathering at Mount Royal University from April 4th – 5th. People from the environmental community, companies, municipal and provincial governments, and citizens will gather to support positive environmental action! Click here for more details.

Treasurer’s Workshop for the Inexperienced Accountant – March 21, 2019
Monday Matters – April 1, 2019
Basics of Grant Writing – April 10, 2019
GST for Non-Profits – April 11, 2019
GST for Charities – April 25, 2019
Click here for more upcoming events
New Interactive “Find Your Community” Map
Back in January we brought you a new and improved Members Only online resource library, and now we have something else to show you! We’ve updated our “Find Your Community” webpage with a fancy new interactive map to make it easier for people to find their community association based on visually searching where they live. We know there are a few Google glitches we have reported, but overall, we’re happy to have a user-friendly tool for Calgarians! Check it out here.
CCVO #nonprofitsvote
CCVO is encouraging all non-profits to speak up on issues that matter to them and inspire others to vote! CCVO found that when non-profits motivate people to vote, there is a significant difference in voter turnout. Check out their new Nonprofit Election Toolkit by clicking here!
Calgary Foundation’s Pitch Night LIVE April 6
Pitch Night: A Neighbour Grants LIVE event, encourages Calgarians to pitch their ideas to improve, enhance, or revitalize their community or neighbourhood. No dragons or sharks! YOU be the judge. Up to $50,000 in Neighbour Grants to be given out! Watch groups pitch their ideas for improving their neighbourhoods and communities and YOU get to decide which ones will share in the $50,000 in Neighbour Grants awarded at the end of the night. Click here for tickets.
Citizens at the Centre
Looking for new, high impact ways for organizations and communities to work together on our most challenging community issues? Register today for the Tamarack Institute’s new one-day workshop designed to demonstrate different ways to meaningfully engage communities and citizens. The Thought-Leaders Series will be in Calgary on May 6th, 2019. For more details click here.
Community Development Leading Initiative (CDLI)
CDLI is looking to support community developers in Calgary! For their next Meet Up on March 26th, they’re looking to hear from Calgarians who have a project or initiative that is building strong connections in our communities. If you have an idea and are looking for support you’re invited to the March Meet Up. Click here for more details!
Here are a few highlights from our urban planning world this month. Be sure to check our blog for a complete listing of recent events and updates!

1. Next 20: Municipal Development Plan Review Engagement
The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is Calgary’s long-range land use plan that looks 60 years into the future. Our city has changed since the plan was developed in 2009, and so the City is looking to see what’s working well and what needs to be updated for the next 20 years. Click the link above for the City’s survey, which will be open until April 8th.

2. 2019 Calgary Transit Review
Calgary Transit is reviewing existing bus services in the city. The goal is to revise bus services to become more effective, efficient and support the new Max rapid transit network that was recently launched. Calgary Transit is proposing changes to 20 routes to provide better service to key destinations and create more direct routes that are easier to understand. Click the link above for in-person and online engagement opportunities

3. Partners in Planning
We have an exciting walking tour focusing on Affordable Housing on May 11th. Registration is limited, so be sure to sign up through the link above. If you’re eligible for your certificate this year, we will contact you in May.

Pitch Night for Exploring Communities
Join us for Pitch Night, a new event for this year’s Exploring Communities program! On April 10th, groups of University of Calgary students representing four communities will pitch their placemaking ideas to a panel of judges. If you live in Elbow Park, Deer Ridge, Mount Pleasant, or Riverbend, come cheer on your group! It’s also a great way to learn about placemaking and Exploring Communities, if you’re interested in applying next year. Click the link above for details.

Board Building, Recruiting and Developing Effective Board Members
Did you know that succession planning is also a key part of strategic planning and building a sustainable organization? It is important to take some time to plan for change. Here are some resources to help you out!
1. Tips for Recruiting Board Members
2. Sustaining Healthy Boards
Winter Fun!
Winter is coming to an end, and this past winter was a cold one! The cold weather didn’t stop Calgarians from hosting some wonderful ActivateYYC winter events. There was something for everyone, from skating and curling, to snow painting and tobogganing. Some events even had indoor activities like board games, painting, and cookie decorating. Read about the great winter events and even the awesome summer events here, you may get inspiration for your next community event!