October 3, 2018

_________________________October 3, 2018

In this issue:

  • Faces of Community nomination deadline
  • Save the date for Cork Connection 2019!
  • Vital City 2018
  • Papa John’s Pizza Party
  • Developed Areas Guidebook updates
  • Public notices going digital
  • and much more!
Have you heard?
We’ve launched a Stories page on our website to share the awesome things you are all doing across our city!
We post a story each week AND are working with local media outlet, LiveWire Calgary, posting the stories on
their website too so that they get shared to even more Calgarians! We’ve got 12 stories up so far, so check
them out here. Have a story you want to share? Email our part-time storyteller Rizwana.

Faces of Community Nomination Deadline Next Week
Next Sunday, October 14 is the deadline to nominate your pick for the 2019 Faces of Community. Don’t miss out
on nominating a hard-working volunteer from your community who could be featured in the 2019 campaign,
representing your neighbourhood and the great things taking place there! Nominate today here.

Save the Date for Cork Connection 2019!
Mark your calendars on Saturday, January 29 for our annual Cork Connection Wine Tasting & Silent Auction
fundraiser! We will be heading to the Dalhousie Community Association from 7-10pm for a guided
wine tasting of 6 delicious wines paired with cheeses and chocolates, followed by
a silent auction featuring awesome items to bid on. Last year’s event sold out quickly, so don’t miss out –
registration opens November 1

Proactive Succession Planning – Thursday, October 11
Partners in Planning (PIP): Understanding Planning & Design (Core Course) – Saturday, October 13
Comm_nications: It Needs U – Wednesday, October 17
Building Community Participation Through Engagement – Thursday, October 18
Community Conversations: Part 2 – Saturday, October 20

Click here for more upcoming events

Calgary Foundation’s Vital City 2018
Join Calgary Foundation on Thursday, October 18 for their report to community! Then hear from keynote speaker, Derrick Feldmann, an internationally sought-after speaker, adviser and researcher on cause engagement and social good. Click here for more information.

Need some extra volunteers?
Submit your need to vollyapp.com and we will help you recruit! Volly is a home-grown website aimed at helping more Calgarians volunteer in their communities. If you have a project coming up (painting, cleaning, gardening, revitalization) that needs an extra set of hands, please email admin@vollyapp.com

Pizza Party!
Papa John’s Pizza has offered a discount deal to all our members – 30% off all online orders! Use the promo code PAULA30 at the start of your order. This offer is available from now until the end of December.

Alberta Traffic Safety Fund Applications
The Alberta Traffic Safety Fund (ATSF) is currently accepting Fall applications until October 19. Small grants are $10,000 and large grants are $25,000. The focus of ATSF is to encourage and empower communities to develop and implement community-based, preventative, and collaborative traffic safety projects. Click here to apply for the grant. For more information about the ATSF please email atsf@saferoads.com

Here are a few highlights from our urban planning world this month. Be sure to check our blog for a complete listing of recent events and updates!

1. October 20 Workshop on Ongoing Planning Policy Projects

The Federation is hosting a second session to update communities on major changes in planning policy. Topics to be covered in the October 20 session include: Community Representation Framework, Baseline Engagement (engagement on how the City engages) and the Local Area Planning Strategy. Planners will help you understand the City’s policy direction, as well as the details of many ongoing projects. Register here.

2. Developed Areas Guidebook
The Federation has been in discussions with Administration on the DAG project regarding our concerns over the authority of the DAG and its potential to override Local Area Plans (LAPs). The Federation submitted a letter to Calgary Planning Commission to express our concerns, and it was read on September 20. The item goes to PUP on October 1 and Council on November 12. Click on the link to learn more about the amendments to the DAG.

3. Update on the 12 Infill Items
Administration presented their work on the 12 items to Council and the Federation read a letter of support. Council directed Administration to return to the Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development by Spring 2019 with options for addressing the remaining items. Click on the link to learn more about the public hearing and the work moving forward.

4. Changes to RCG Rules / “Enabling successful rowhouse development in the RCG district”
On September 24, Council agreed to adopt proposed amendments to the Land Use Bylaw for the RCG district. Amendments were approved regarding the fit of rowhouses, modifications to the parking exemption, rowhouse max height and rowhouse secondary suites. See Council Item 8.2.2.

5. Public Notices Going Digital
As of early 2019, Public notices no longer posted in The Herald. In the future, public notices will include the notice board on site, an email circulation for those signed up, PD Map online, public notices online and circulations to the CA planning committee.

Understanding Financial Statements

As a board member, you need to understand financial statements of your organization, so you can make informed decisions. Check out our handy resources on implementing good internal financial practices and controls for your organization.

The Importance of Internal Controls

Why are monthly Bank Reconciliations important

Unrestricted vs. Externally Restricted Cash

Deferred Cash Contributions ​​​​​​​

Tuscany Harvest Festival
Fall is now in full swing and Tuscany knows how to celebrate the turning of the leaves. Last September, the Tuscany Harvest Festival attracted around 4000 attendees! With the help of ActivateYYC, Tuscany was able to add bubble soccer to its annual autumn festival. Read more about the Tuscany Harvest Festival here and find ways that you can celebrate the seasonal changes and get your community to fall for fall! Photo complimentary of Tuscany Harvest Festival Facebook page.


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