October 18, 2017

October 18, 2017

The Grow Your Community Hub Toolkit officially launched! Get Your Copy Today
Our brand new resource, the Grow Your Community Hub Toolkit is now available! With three sections: What is a hub? I belong here and you have to start somewhere, this is a great resource for community leaders and volunteers looking for practical understanding and tips to growing their hub. Hard copies of the toolkit can be picked up at our office but you can also find it and the accompanying videos on our page.
Energizing Spaces Fund Recipients 
Congratulations to the round 2 recipients of the Energizing Spaces Fund – Cambrian Heights, Dover, Falconridge/Castleridge, Marlborough Park, Queensland, Renfrew, Rosscarrock, Thorncliffe/Greenview and Tuxedo Park. Check out what they received here. 

Treasurer’s Workshop for the Inexperienced Accountant – Part 2 – Thursday, October 26
Building Safe Communities – Full Workshop – Saturday, October 28
Community Planning Exchange: Change in Calgary – Saturday, November 4
Monday Mingles – Monday, November 6
Building Safe Communities – Part 1 – Tuesday, November 7
Click here for more upcoming events
Ripples Small Grant
Ripples Small grant is intended for projects that build a strong sense of community which is available to residents of Bowness, Montgomery or Greenwood Village. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis all year round and reviewed by peers. The monetary value of the grant ranges from $50-$600. Past initiatives included skill sharing activities, neighbourhood events, workshops, community clean ups, community gardens, performing and visual arts projects and drop-in activities. Ripples funds new initiatives that would be held in a public location, benefit the whole community and help build a sense of belonging by creating connections between residents. Applications can now be completed online for more information contact Alita Salmon, Ripples Grant Facilitator ripples@bowwest.com    

Vital Signs 
The Calgary Foundation’s Annual Vital Signs report has been published. Over 2,500 Calgarians took the survey and gave Calgary an overall quality of life grade of a B. Check out the report here.


CDLI Big Meet Up 
You’re invited to join us on Saturday, November 4 at the CDLI (Community Development Learning Initiative) Meet Up to explore creative and proven ways of community building and shape community development practice in Calgary. Plus it’s free! Click here to register.

Exploring Communities is back!
We are thrilled to start the second round of Exploring Communities and once again working with the Urban Studies department at the University of Calgary. In our second year, we will be working with three new communities in: Braeside, Midnapore and Sundance (Mid-Sun), and Calgary Evergreen  and have tasked the students supporting this program with creating projects using the ActivateYYC microgrants. To follow along what’s going on check out here.
New Waste & Recycling Bylaw Workshop on November 22
Join the City of Calgary on November 22 for an interactive discussion about The City’s new Waste & Recycling bylaw. Effective November 1, 2017, businesses and organizations are
required to separate food and yard waste for diversion. This workshop will provide groups with tips and strategies to help them develop an effective and efficient recycling program.
This event is free and light dinner will be provided at 6:30pm. For more information or to register go to https://wasteandrecyclingbylaw2017.eventbrite.ca

Here are a few highlights from our urban planning world this month – be sure to check our blog for a complete listing of recent events and updates.

  1. Community Planning Exchange on Nov 4: Join us on Saturday, November 4 for our 6th Community Planning Exchange (CPE)! This year CPE will explore the theme of “Change in Communities”. This free half day workshop will give communities an understanding of laneway housing, heritage overlays, and age-friendly planning; three innovative approaches that are being used in our city to address change.  Click the link to register.​
  1. Bylaw Amendments for “S” district coming soon: This new rule will help differentiate basement and backyard suites in “s” districts. LUB NM 2017-24 will  an looking at exploring a new modifier which will help determine if a backyard suite and a secondary suite are allowed in the “s” district. The creation of this modifier will assure Council and the public as to what type of suite may occur. An applicant would still have the ability to apply for a “s” district and therefore have to option of developing a secondary or backyard suite, or they could apply for a “s(x)” district if they simply want to develop a secondary suite and have no interest in a backyard suite. This amendment will NOT be adding suites to any new districts or neighbourhoods. 
  1. Infill Scoping Report Update: We have been engaging with the City of Calgary and Industry on the infill scoping report. We now know the direction that The City of Calgary wants to take this report but we do not know the specifics i.e. outcomes, timeline and etc. In general, the City would like to take a comprehensive or a big picture approach  to addressing the themes of the 11 items identified at the April 24 Council Meeting. At the December 13 PUD meeting, The City will present a  “framework or strategy report for the next steps that would lead to options for changes to policy and regulatory tools that implement desired long term outcomes for infill development”.  Click the link to read more.
  1. Creating Coventry – Seeking Planning Volunteers! What is your backyard dream? What does your dream-space look like? There are fourteen parks and greenspaces in Coventry Hills that are waiting to be transformed over the next twenty years, and Northern Hills Community Association and VIVO are seeking volunteers to help facilitate a visioning workshop for them. This is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience in public engagement. Contact creatingspace@northernhills.ab.ca to sign up as a volunteer!
  1. Land Use Bylaw Amendments in Response to the Zero-Based Review with Calgary Building Services: The City of Calgary will be proposing minor technical amendments to Land Use Bylaw 1P2007, as part of a response to the Zero-Based Review of Calgary Building Services. The Zero-Based Review Program reviews operations to find efficiency improvements. Calgary Building Services’ review indicated that homeowners and small businesses are primary areas in which improvements could be made. Click the link for more. 
  1. Calgary Airport Authority Runway Usage Trial now Live! On Saturday, October 14, 2017, the Calgary Airport Authority will launch a six-month Runway Usage Trial that will look to improve the balance of aircraft departures of the southerly runways (17L and 17R) over the weekends. Learn more and find out how to provide feedback.
  1. Community Challenges presented to City Managers The Federation is always looking for methods to ensure that we are representing and advocating for your needs. On a regular basis, we along with Leslie meet with the Directors of Planning to talk about projects and planning matters affecting our communities. At our latest meeting, we presented a list of some, but not all, of the most common community concerns that we have heard from you. Click here to see this list!

Composting and Organics Recycling   
The deadline for Community Associations and Not-for-profit organizations to setup compost recycling is November 1, 2017. What counts as food and yard waste? Are you looking for private composting companies? Look no further. 

  1. Guide – Recycling for Businesses and Organizations  
  2. Recycling – Composting Bylaw and Management Options  
  3. Tips to create recycling signage
  4. Recycling Waste Assessment Tool

We have a new section on our website! 

Visit the Stories tab on the ActivateYYC website to learn all about past projects! These stories aim to inform people about the experiences of grant recipients, and inspire future ActivateYYC projects. Check it out here.



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