May 17, 2017



May 17, 2017

Neighbour Day is one month away!

The deadline to book a permit for a Neighbour Day block party, park, or greenspace is Friday, May 26, so don’t miss out! The City is waiving the permit fee for approved events. Visit the Neighbour Day website to find out if your event idea will be approved, and for helpful information and resources like our Block Party Guide. Also, don’t forget to let us know if you’re hosting a Neighbour Day event so that we can stop by and check it out! Email Megan with the details of your event on Saturday, June 17.

Engage U Callout Extended!
Engage U Call Out Deadline has been extended to May 29th! If your community association is looking for support in understanding how you can build more participation in your community send your letter of interest to Ariam at to apply for the Engage U program. More info can be found here.

Our Online Business Directory is Live!
At your request, we have launched an Online Business Directory on our website! The directory will feature businesses under many different categories that have paid to be featured there. We are formally launching the Directory at our AGM & Tradeshow on June 3, but wanted to let all of you know that it is live on our website, currently populated with some of our tradeshow suppliers. You can check it out here, and stay tuned for more updates!

Email Fraud Alert
Over the past year we’ve circulated a warning about email scams where legitimate email addresses make requests for various types of payment. These emails are scams, called “spoofing,” but they appear real. Select Federation staff have received this form of “spoofing” internally, but luckily, we didn’t fall victim. Please let us know if you receive a strange email requesting payment. Warning signs include: 1) deviation from normal communications or process, 2) lack of specific details for the type of expense, 3) poorly written English with obvious grammatical mistakes. Don’t fall victim; have good internal controls in place!

How to Create Welcoming and Inclusive Organizations – Wednesday, May 17
Calgary Heritage Roundtable: Celebrating the Canadian Experiment – Wednesday, May 24
Community Safety & Security Review Workshop Saturday, May 27
Building Community: Engaging Diverse Populations, Networking Session! – Tuesday, May 30
Reading Financial Statements for Board Members – Thursday, June 1
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Community Safety and Security Review Workshop
Register for this FREE workshop on May 27, 2017 in partnership with Mount Royal University. Learn more about the agenda here. To register click here. Hope to see you there!

Bylaw Changes this November: Food and Yard Waste
With all the different recycling changes underway, the City of Calgary has recently sent a reminder about the “Food and Yard Waste” bylaw changes for composting or diversion, coming into effect November 1, 2017. For more information, visit Food and yard waste bylaw for businesses and organizations, call #311, or email questions to

Outdoor Rink Networking
The City of Calgary is hosting an Outdoor Rink Volunteer Appreciation & Networking Event on June 7th! Chat with other ice volunteers about how to build and maintain your community outdoor ice rink. This appreciation and networking event will allow you to come and share your stories and tips with other community volunteers. More info and registration available here.

Celebrate Alberta’s Culture!
As Canada reaches toward its 150th anniversary, Alberta also celebrates its 10th year of Alberta Culture Days festivities, beginning September 29! Until 4:30 p.m. on June 16, the Government of Alberta is accepting community organizations’ applications for grants of up to $10,000, to host unforgettable gatherings. More details about this opportunity can be found here!

It’s Flood Season…Are YOU Prepared?
The City of Calgary prides itself on keeping its citizens safe and maintaining business functions by preparing for, monitoring and responding to floods. To learn more about the city’s efforts to keep us safe during flood season, click here.

Maria Eriksen Bursary
Are you an immigrant woman studying to return to your career in Canada? The Maria Eriksen bursary from the Calgary Foundation can help. The Maria Eriksen Memorial Bursary includes three awards of approximately $2,000 to successful applicants and the deadline to apply is June 15, 2017. Check out for more info.

Here are a few highlights from the Federation planning world this month- be sure to check our planning updates for a complete listing of recent events and updates.

Green Line LRT Announcement!
The City of Calgary has announced the first stage of the Green Line LRT construction. Stage 1 of the Green Line is expected to extend from 16 Avenue N (Crescent Heights) to 126 Avenue S.E. (Shepard). The City will be hosting events about the alignment to give Calgarians a preview of the full vision, Click here for details about events in your community. More information about the project can be found here.

Changes to the Urban Design Review Panel
The City of Calgary is reviewing their terms of reference for the urban design review panel. The urban design review panel is a committee of professionals from architecture, planning, engineering and etc. who comment on planning applications based specifically on urban design principles. The City is looking to elevate the standard of design in Calgary by strongly encouraging the use of the Urban Design Review Panel (UDRP) by applicants. Click here to read more about the process.

Heritage Roundtable: Celebrating the Canadian Experiment…through cultural landscapes!
The Calgary Heritage Roundtable is presenting an event on Cultural landscapes – stories written on the land – both before and after the arrival of the Europeans. These landscapes are still evident today and remind us of our diverse heritage. The presentation will demonstrate how the heritage values of cultural landscapes are expressed through historic places across Canada (and beyond!). The intent is to create a feeling of pride as a participant in the Canadian experiment. The presentation will take place at the Memorial Park Library on May 24th, at 7:00. Click here to register for the event.

Changes to Digital Message Signs
The City is reviewing the rules for digital message signs along Deerfoot Trail. A change in these rules could result in opportunities for larger signs with more visibility from Deerfoot Trail. This review will have to balance the opportunity for greater visibility with the safety of drivers. There will be an invite-only meeting on May 25th, 2017, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. If you’re interested in attending, please email

Board Self-Evaluation Questionnaire
“Many boards wind down for the summer, and before you take a break, consider taking a moment to self-evaluate on the year you’ve just had! It’s always helpful to pause and reflect, not only on successes and challenges you’ve had with programs and services, but also looking at good practices that can help your board moving forward.”

  1. Effective Volunteer Management
  2. Good Board Practices Checklist
  3. Internal Program Evaluation Template
  4. Sample Board Policies (GGifford)



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