December 11, 2019 Get Engaged!

December 11, 2019 Get Engaged!

December 11, 2019

In this issue:

  • Office holiday hours
  • Cork Connection makes the perfect gift
  • The Boland Survey
  • North Hill Communities Local Growth Planning

… and more!

Office holiday hours
Our office will be closed for the holidays starting Wednesday, December 18 and we will re-open on Thursday, January 2. We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Letter to the Premier
We, along with our sister organization The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, sent a joint letter to Premier Jason Kenney to let him know our concerns with the cuts to CFEP and the uncertainty around Bill 20. Click here for a copy of our letter.

Scam call posing as ENMAX Collections
Please be aware that there is a scam caller posing as ENMAX Collections. One of our members has said that they have received a call from someone claiming to be with ENMAX who insisted on immediate payment to avoid cut-off. If in doubt, call ENMAX and request to speak with a customer service representative.


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Cork Connection makes the perfect gift!
This holiday season, get your friends and family (even yourself– we won’t judge) an exciting gift with tickets to our fifth annual Cork Connection Wine Tasting and Silent Auction on February 1, 2020! Click here to get your tickets today!

Free binders!

Looking for some binders? We’ve got you covered! Drop by our office (110, 720—28 Street NE) by Tuesday, December 17 at the latest and pick up as many FREE binders as you would like! Before you drop by, give us a call at 403-244-4111 to see how many binders we have left for you!

The Boland Survey
The Boland Survey is the only comprehensive source of nonprofit sector compensation data in Canada. This data will help your nonprofit make informed comparisons and decisions on salary and human resource practices – including flex time, on-boarding, paid time off, professional development practices, employee recognition, and recruitment practices. Click here to register to receive the 2019 report and enter your organization’s data by December 31st!

Here are a few highlights from our urban planning world this month. Be sure to check our blog for a complete listing of recent events and updates! ​​​​

  1. North Hill Communities Local Growth Planning
    The first draft multi-community plan created using the Guidebook for Great Communities has been released. The draft North Hill Communities Local Growth plan can be accessed here. For communities that are just beginning the local growth planning process, we encourage you to look at the North Hill plan to see an example of what the new plan could look like
  2. 2. Community Outreach on Planning and Development Toolkit LaunchThe City recently launched the Community Outreach on Planning and Development Toolkit. The aim of this toolkit is to help people–from community members, community associations, builders, developers and landowners, to business owners, City planners and Councillors–understand and be successful in their community outreach role. This toolkit includes information, tools and resources to:
  • Clarify what community outreach is and who is responsible for what.
  • Clarify when, where and how people can initiate and get involved in conversations about planning and development in Calgary.
  • Improve understanding of City planning and development processes and tools.
  • Support builders, developers and landowners with their community outreach efforts.
  • Support citizens and community members as participants in community outreach.

Volunteers and members of community associations should check out the Community Involvement Toolkit; this section has resources like “How to respond to development applications and Outreach tools for citizen involvement in planning

3. Calgary Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) Fee Changes
Members of Council recently voted to increase the fee for filing an appeal to $200, the fee to request for a copy of a hearing record is $50. The new fees are effective January 1, 2020. Click here to find out more what the SDAB does.

4. The Future of Stephen Ave
The City of Calgary is rethinking Stephen Avenue, with the intent of evaluating what works well, what could be improved and envisioning what the future experience of Stephen Avenue should be. As one of Calgary’s premiere landmarks and destinations, this project will:

  • Extend the energy and liveliness of the pedestrian mall westward along 8 Avenue S.W.;
  • Establish a new vision for Stephen Avenue that creates opportunities for private investment and redevelopment;
  • Create short and long-term strategies that can be implemented over time to make Stephen Avenue better for Calgarians and visitors.

Please click the link above to provide your input by December 20.

Recipe for a Great Board Meeting
Is your board’s New Year resolution to have more productive meetings that are also fun!? We have some great resources to help you!