April 3, 2019

April 3, 2019
April 3, 2019

In this issue:

  • National Volunteer Week
  • Calgary Police Service New Residential Traffic Safety Unit
  • Electronics Recycling
  • Faculty of Environmental Design- 2019 Open Houses

… and more!

National Volunteer Week
April 7 – 13 is National Volunteer Week in Canada, with this year’s theme being “Lifting Communities,” celebrating and recognizing the impact volunteers have on lifting our communities up. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you as board members and volunteers for not only lifting your community’s up, but also lifting our city up! Click here to learn more about National Volunteer Week 2019 and how you and your organization can be part of it.

Want to join our board?
We are seeking dynamic, innovative, and experienced board members! Our nominations committee is searching for individuals to fill identified board gaps in the area of legal, human resources, and fundraising. As a member of the board you are responsible for the effective governance of the organization. To request your copy of our “Prospective Board Member Handbook” or to submit your resume, please email board@calgarycommunities.com before the deadline on May 6!

On Tuesday, April 16, Albertan’s cast their vote in this year’s upcoming provincial election. There’s been some great work done to spread the word about how non-profits can support this year’s election! Check out our resource and help get out the vote!

GST for Non-Profits – April 11, 2019
GST for Charities – April 25, 2019
Monday Matters – May 6, 2019
Creating a Plan for Engagement – May 9, 2019
Partners in Planning: Planning an Inclusive City – May 11, 2019
Click here for more upcoming events
CPS New Residential Traffic Safety Unit
Over the last three years the Calgary Police Service (CPS) has developed a new unit to specifically address Residential Traffic Safety. This unit has been presenting to each Ward in the City to both provide and to solicit information on “problem areas” throughout the City to allow more specific and targeted visibility and enforcement. The Residential Traffic Safety Unit would like to offer the opportunity to present directly at community association board meetings and discuss problems and solutions in your community. If you’re interested in participating please email pol11995@calgarypolice.ca.
Electronics Recycling
Hosting a community clean up soon? Book eCycle Solutions for electronics recycling. eCycle Solutions has been diverting electronic waste from landfills since 2005 by offering innovative recycling solutions. As a registered processor for Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) they will pay your organization for the collection of eligible products. All you have to do is contact Alex with eCycle Solutions to book your event and you are on your way to diverting electronic waste and making some money for your organization! They will even provide free advertising, signage, trucks collection bins and more the day of your event. Contact Alex today at (403) 589-9907 or send him an email at astanescu@ecyclesolutions.com.
Are you a Community Contributor with LiveWire Calgary?
LiveWire Calgary is an online news media site that focuses on local community news and stories. One of the unique ways they share community stories is by allowing community contributors to directly submit their stories to the site. LiveWire is always looking for more community contributors and wants more community organizations to be part of it. Click here to learn more about LiveWire and how to become a community contributor.
List your space on SpaceFinder Alberta
SpaceFinder Alberta is an online marketplace for connecting those who have space to those who need it. Use SpaceFinder to list and search available, affordable and appropriate room for the arts, non profits and community groups, all for free! It’s that easy! Need help? Send an email to spaces@calgaryartsdevelopment.com
Calgary Foundation’s Pitch Night LIVE
No dragons or sharks! YOU be the judge. Watch live pitches of community improvement/revitalization projects and cast your vote at Pitch Night: A Neighbour Grants LIVE event on April 6 at the new Central Library. Click here to get your tickets!
Here are a few highlights from our urban planning world this month. Be sure to check our blog for a complete listing of recent events and updates!

1. Faculty of Environmental Design – 2019 Open Houses in Acadia and Glendale
Do you live in a community bordering 45 ST Station or along Macleod Trail? Six communities in the Southeast and three in the Southwest are working with University of Calgary Master of Planning students to manage redevelopment in their neighbourhoods. The grand reveal of the students’ visions for both groups will take place on April 13th! Click the link above to learn more and register.

2. Pitch Night for Exploring Communities
Join us for Pitch Night, a new event for this year’s Exploring Communities program! On April 10th, groups of University of Calgary students representing four communities will pitch their placemaking ideas to a panel of judges. If you live in Elbow Park, Deer Ridge, Mount Pleasant, or Riverbend, come cheer on your group! It’s also a great way to learn about placemaking and Exploring Communities, if you’re interested in applying next year. Click the above link for details.

3. Partners in Planning
We have an exciting walking tour “Planning an Inclusive City” which focuses on Affordable Housing and Accessibility on May 11th. Registration is limited, so be sure to sign up through the link above. If you have completed all your courses and are eligible for your certificate this year, we will contact you in May.

Grow Your Community Hub: Community Toolkit
If you are searching for new ideas to grow your community membership and increase engagement – check out our community toolkit for growing resident-led involvement!
  1. Community Engagement a Foundational Practice of Community Change
  2. Tip Sheet – People Centred Initiatives
Spring Cleaning
Spring has sprung! That means it is time for flowers, sunny weather, and spring cleaning! The Strathcona Christie Aspen Community Association lead by example, and cleaned up the Strathcona park by adding flowers, controlling weeds and fixing up the gate during the summer of 2018. Ok, maybe it wasn’t spring cleaning, but it is motivating! Read the full story here.