April 17, 2019

April 17, 2019
April 17, 2019

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  • Tell us about your Neighbour Day event!
  • Exploring Communities 2019
  • Calgary Foundation: Jane’s Walks
  • 2019 Calgary Transit Review
  • Featured Resource: Communications Plan

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Hosting a Neighbour Day event?
Do you have a fun event planned for Neighbour Day on June 15? We would love to join you! Email Nicole at communications@calgarycommunities.com to tell us about your awesome Neighbour Day activities so we can add it to our list and hopefully send one of our team members to check it out.

Filing Your Board of Directors List with Alberta Corporate Registries
After we filed our last annual board list with Alberta Corporate Registries, we found out that the requirements had changed. Board lists now need to include dates of appointment and/or dates of cessation. In addition to filing your board list with your annual return, you now must also file a listing of officers and directors whenever your board members change. Click here to learn more.

Give Furniture from your Community Clean-ups to the Move Out Program!
The Calgary Drop-In Centre wants to work with you at your community clean-up to collect any potential furniture dropped off to your location for their Move-Out program. Working with 70+ agencies, The Calgary Drop-In Centre through the Move-Out Program has provided furniture, housewares and other much needed items to 1,200+ people and families experiencing homelessness. Contact Solange today at community@thedi.ca to coordinate your pickup.

How to Make Energy Efficiency Work for You
Come learn from our Energy Manager, Adeniyi Adeaga, as he talks about common challenges around energy use in community associations and practical steps you can take to help reduce energy and save money! Join us on May 15 at the Hillhurst Community Association to learn how to make energy efficiency work for you! To learn more or to register click here.

GST for Charities – April 25, 2019
Monday Matters – May 6, 2019
Creating a Plan for Engagement – May 9, 2019
Partners in Planning: Planning an Inclusive City – May 11, 2019
Reading Financial Statements – May 23, 2019
Click here for more upcoming events

Exploring Communities Program 2019
Exploring Communities, our community program we offer in collaboration with the Urban Studies department from the University of Calgary, is near it’s end for this year! All four communities, Deer Ridge, Mount Pleasant, Riverbend and Elbow Park completed their work with their student groups, culminating in great placemaking projects for each neighbourhood. These projects ranged from a collaborative Picnic Party, to a fun INSTA-llation! The projects are all great opportunities for each group to engage residents in quick and fun projects that can really activate a community. Thank you to everyone who participated this year, and a special thanks to Professor Victoria Fast from the University of Calgary and Julie Black from the Calgary Foundation. More info including the final project reports, will be available on our website soon, so keep an eye out!


Calgary Foundation: Jane’s Walk
Jane’s Walk is a global festival of free neighbourhood walking tours held in Calgary and around the world each May. On May 3, 4 and 5, join a Jane’s Walk and get to know your community and neighbours better. Walks draw from a huge diversity of local interests and knowledge. Read about all the FREE walks being offered this year at janeswalk.calgaryfoundation.org
Looking for Support for People Suffering from Addiction?
It’s important to understand the best way to support those in our communities who may be struggling with addiction, or those who have a loved one who is. To assist your organization’s awareness on supports and resources available, we have created a comprehensive list for communities. You can access this resource on our Members Only site here, or reach out to Alana-Dawn at memberservices@calgarycommunities.com for more information.
Calgary Ability Network wants to support your organization!
Are you interested in supporting your volunteers and staff with training and education relating to including people with disabilities in your organization’s activities? Contact Ermira Kusari at Calgary Ability Network at (403) 219-3606 or email her at ermira@cpalberta.com.High Efficiency Furnaces Rebate 
As a non-profit, you are eligible to receive rebates from Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Business Energy Savings (BES) program when you replace your furnace(s) with high-efficiency furnaces! Receiving funding from the City of Calgary’s CCG program does not disqualify you from applying for this rebate. Furnaces with “variable speed blower motors” help reduce electricity consumption in addition to reduced natural gas consumption. Click here for more details.
Here are a few highlights from our urban planning world this month. Be sure to check our blog for a complete listing of recent events and updates!

1. 2019 Calgary Transit Review
Calgary Transit is reviewing existing bus services in the southwest of the city. The goal is to revise bus services to become more effective, efficient and support the new Max rapid transit network that was recently launched. Calgary Transit is proposing changes to 20 routes to provide better service to key destinations and create more direct routes that are easier to understand. Tomorrow is the last day to provide feedback online, click on the link above for more information.

2. Partners in Planning
You can still register for the last elective course for this season; the exciting walking tour “Planning an Inclusive City” which focuses on Affordable Housing and Accessibility will take place on May 11th. Registration is limited, so be sure to sign up through the link above. If you have completed all your courses and are eligible for your certificate this year, we will contact you in May.

3. Eau Claire Public Realm
The City of Calgary is undertaking multiple connected projects that will create great places where people can live, work and play in Eau Claire. The City wants to build on Eau Claire’s character, improve connections and plan for short-term and long-term development in the area. Click the link above to learn more about the project and provide online feedback; online engagement closes on April 30th.

Template – Communications Plan 
Are you wanting to improve your communications and engagement with your members and communities? Consider creating a communications plan to ensure your strategies align with your communications goals!

1. Guide – Which Communications Tools Should I Use?
Tip Sheet – Communications Plan Elements