Our Insurance Program

Our Insurance Program

Official Supplier of Commercial and D & O Insurance for member organizations of the Federation of Calgary Communities

Since 2007 our insurance program has continually been broadened by Toole Peet Insurance, to ensure that the unique risks associated with community based organizations continue to be protected at levels far greater than what’s available in the standard market place.  The program offers a complete commercial insurance policy package where all elements of risk have been considered.  With a large membership base and prudent risk management activities, we are able to negotiate the best terms and coverages available for all members of the program. Learn more.


Features of the Program

Unique features and benefits available under the program are outlined here, however policy holders should review their policy documents for complete details.


  • Property of every description including newly acquired property, property of others and property in transit
  • “All risks / Broad Form” policy subject to minimum exclusions.
  • Standard $1,000 deductible
  • Features included (but not limited to):
  1. Agreed limits with no co-insurance penalties
  2. Definition of location amended to mean “anywhere in the community”
  3. Replacement Cost
  4. Building ordinance and bylaws
  5. Extra Expense of $50,000
  6. Growing plants, tress, shrubs or flowers in the open of $10,000
  7. Personal property of employees/officers of $2,500 ($25,000 total per occurrence)
  8. Miscellaneous off-site property of $100,000
  9. A long list of additional benefits as outlined in the coverage summary

Loss of Revenue

  • Available, if purchased, to cover a normal expected loss of income and continuing expenses at your premises as a result of a covered loss (fire, water damage, etc.)
  • At an off premises location: As a result of physical loss or damage to their property, your resulting loss of revenue (up to standard $25,000 coverage)


  • Employee/Volunteer Dishonesty – limit recently increased to a minimum limit of $50,000
  • Loss of money or securities from a covered cause of loss inside/outside the premises and at banking premises

Commercial General Liability

  • This coverage protects your association/society for its financial responsibility under Common Law and Statutory Law for injury or death of one or more people, and for damage to property of others.
  • Features include (but not limited to):
  1. Defense costs (both for legitimate as well non-legitimate accusations made against you)
  2. Available at all your premises as well as off premises
  3. All operations or your organization
  4. Employees & volunteers actions are covered
  5. No participants exclusion (those involved in a sporting activity)
  6. Liquor liability included
  7. Non-owned automobile coverage
  8. Tenants Legal Liability for protection to locations not insured / owned by others
  9. Protection for claims made against the association by employees and/or volunteers for injuries arsing out of their duties

Directors and Officers Liability

As a director or officer of a non-profit organization, you may be held personally liable for things such as employee discrimination, wrongful dismissal, breach of fiduciary duties, mismanagement of funds as well as the enforcement of association regulations and bylaws. It has been traditionally believed that the Directors and Officers of non-profit organizations have little liability exposure for their activities or for the decisions made on behalf of the organization. This is not the case, as evidenced by the increasing numbers of legal actions being brought against directors and officers of non-profit organizations. This coverage will pay for those covered losses where one or all of your Directors or Officers become legally obligated to pay as a result of any error, breach of duty, neglect, omission or other act done or wrongfully attempted by them on behalf of your association. The current version of the policy has the added benefit of having defense costs in addition to  the limit of protection. This ensures that the level of protection isn’t eroded by the costs associated with defending the suit.

Equipment Breakdown

  • If purchased, adds coverage that is excluded from most property policies for loss arising from the sudden and accidental breakdown of insured equipment
  • “Functional” replacement cost applies
  • Includes spoilage up to $25,000
  • Increased sub-limits for water escape, hazardous substances and ammonia contamination of $500,000 each as a result of an insured claim
  • Extension for Extra expenses for $100,000
  • Business Interruption extension (if the business interruption coverage was purchased as noted above)
  • Subject to a deductible of $1000

Accident and Sickness

  • If purchased personal accident coverage is available to all members of your association in the event of an accident while participating in sanctioned activities.
  • Coverage under this program is intended to be “top-up” coverage over and above Alberta Health Care or private health care plans (such as an employee benefits plan)
  • Coverage will include travelling directly to or from the approved activity with other insured members as a group (2 or more insured members together).
  • Principal Sum = $15,000.00
  • Coverage, at various limits, are available for items such as (but not limited to):
    1. Loss of life
    2. Loss or use of hands and/or feet
    3. Weekly income (maximum benefit and conditions apply)
    4. Medical Expense reimbursement (subject benefit of $15,000)
    5. Accidental Dental ($5,000.00 is available for injury to whole and sound teeth  –$2,000.00 maximum for any contact sports)
    6. Fracture Benefits to $1,000

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