2021 Faces of Community - Tim Gubskiy

2021 Faces of Community - Tim Gubskiy

Tim Gubskiy

JunioTech Youth Development Society



A passion for robotics and engineering inspired this young Calgarian to create opportunities for youth to experience the thrill of robotics.

“I was proud to have brought this awesome experience to the kids at my school, I was finally able to give them the opportunity to participate in a robotics club that I would have loved to have as a child of that age,” Tim says, founder and president of Junio Youth Development Society.

Tim founded his organization in 2017 when he noticed his school did not have a robotics club.

“I was always passionate about engineering, but my school didn’t have a robotics club I could join,” he explains.

“I actually founded Junio Tech Youth Development Society to solve most of these problems and bring these opportunities to the middle school age group.”

Since 2017, Tim and his organization have started 19 robotics teams and run several educational hackathons for students. They also ran the first mobile app development hackathon for middle school students in Canada.

“The robotics teams that we’ve started have actually been the three-time First Lego League (FLL) Alberta champions,” he says. “We’ve even taken them to Houston and Legoland for the international competitions, where they represented Alberta.”

“I’m most proud of being able to provide these new exciting opportunities for the youth of Calgary that otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to experience,” Tim says with a smile.

Since the pandemic started, Gubski and his team started a new grocery delivery initiative called Rocky Mountain Grocery. Service aims to help at-risk individuals safely buy the groceries and it provides free delivery for everyone.

“We just want to kind of help out during these troubled times,” says the young volunteer.

If someone is looking to start volunteering, Tim recommends starting with something you are passionate about.

“When you’re volunteering for something that you’re passionate about, you have loads of fun and you really do help out your community.”