2021 Faces of Community - Ted Knudtson

2021 Faces of Community - Ted Knudtson

Ted Knudtson

Cliff Bungalow Mission Community Association




Lives were changed when COVID-19 hit – during these uncertain times, Ted discovered what he wants from his life.

I was laid off from my job,” he says. “I responded by diving into the community organization work full time.

“Had I not been laid off, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. My connections with the volunteers and the members of the Cliff Bungalow-Mission Community Association have led me to a really innate understanding of how fulfilling it is to serve one’s community.

“In doing so, it has transformed what it is that I want with my life and so I can’t see ever going back to work that doesn’t involve serving my community in some form.”

Ted is the vice president of the Cliff Bungalow-Mission Community Association (CMBC).

Before the pandemic, Ted got involved with his community when he moved back to Calgary.

“I had just moved back into the neighbourhood after a few years of absence and wanted to meet some people I wouldn’t otherwise meet,” he says. “I’ve always known that volunteers tend to be pretty great people.”

Since volunteering with the community association, he has witnessed the vital role community associations can play in their communities.

“I tend to believe in community associations as being the foundational order of government in Calgary,” Ted says. “We are elected to our positions to serve the community and in that capacity, we are able to be very nimble and responsive to the immediate, on the ground concerns in a community.”

This was especially important when the pandemic first hit.

“We were able to respond before the municipal government, before the provincial government, or before the federal government to step in and make a real difference in people’s lives,” Ted explains.

“Before any of the financial relief programs were available from the other orders of government, we were in the streets delivering groceries and reaching out for wellness checks.”

After everything 2020 threw at Ted, he is most proud of the community association’s work.

“The pandemic brought into sharp focus what the purpose of a community association is in terms of that community and connection, and it illuminated the possibilities of what we can do,” he says with a smile. “Every initiative that we undertook in 2020 was directly or indirectly affected or inspired by the pandemic.

“I’ve seen community members rally around in a way that has just been really exciting.”