2021 Faces of Community - Sajin and Jovin Khunkhun

2021 Faces of Community - Sajin and Jovin Khunkhun

Jovin & Sajin Khunkhun

Masks for a Cause



What started as a chief scout project turned in a meaningful project that has helped many, when personal protective gear wasn’t readily available during a global pandemic.

Jovin Khunkhun, founder of Masks for a Cause and his brother, Sajin Khunkhun, started the organization when they noticed there was a need for masks at the start of the pandemic.

“At the beginning of this pandemic, when masks weren’t readily available, we had made reusable cloth masks and we were donating to the general public,” explains Jovin.

“So, what we decided to do was make these masks,” adds Sajin. “We made them at no charge and asked people to pay it forward to a local food bank or any sort of foundation that was near and dear to them.

“That was really where it started. And we just we wanted to make the biggest impact possible.”

The brothers also gave people the option to make a donation to Masks for a Cause, so they could donate on their behalf to a food bank.

“We mainly did support like food banks,” says Jovin. “If you didn’t have the means to support a food bank, what we had asked is to go help your neighbor out. If their walk needs to be shoveled, just go and shovel it for them.”

When the project started, the brothers hoped to make 100 masks and raise $1,000.

“I am most proud of how much money we’ve raised,” says Jovin. “We’ve raised over about $20,000 now, with a majority of that going to the homeless and the food banks.”

The most important thing was how many people we were able to help,” says Sajin. “With the $20,000, we could spread it among a lot of people.”

In addition to raising over $20,000, the brothers have made over 2,000 masks.

The brothers hope to inspire more youth to get involved in volunteer work, and not let factors like age or not having a driver’s license stop them.

“I know that as a youth there are a lot of things that try to empower youth and engage youth,” says Sajin. “But it’s always felt like, no, I had to be older to do this.

“No, I had to have a driver’s license, no, I’d have to have the money for it. And it [Masks for a Cause] just showed that you don’t have to have any of those.

“You just have to have the will and when there’s a will, there’s a way.”