2021 Faces of Community - Kris McPherson

2021 Faces of Community - Kris McPherson

Kris McPherson

Kincora Community Association & Symons Valley Park



Bringing people together, being inclusive, having an impact and finding community spirit keeps this lifelong volunteer active in his community.

Kris McPherson is a volunteer with the Kincora Community Association where he holds a director at large board position, coordinating sports programs. He is also the president of the Symons Valley Leisure and Amenities Society.

I started volunteering when I was just out of high school and when my wife and I moved to the area of Kincora, we saw the board of the community association was really looking for more volunteers to help move their initiatives forward,” says Kris.

I immediately jumped on the board to participate.”

Kris grew up in Marlboroug and remembers how the community association organized all sports, social and after school events – they even organized the teen nights.

“It became an activity that kept families engaged and interacting and kept kids out of trouble,” explains the volunteer.

Borrowing a page out of what has worked in the past has played an important part in keeping Kris involved.

“It’s all about including people, it’s about finding a way to bring together people that don’t necessarily have a lot in common,” says Kris. “Especially in this day and age where there is a lot of polarization and divisiveness, it’s important to find that community spirit again.”

As a volunteer, he is proud of working with other community associations to plan and deliver events that have impacted families in the area.

While working with Symons Valley Park, he was able to help establish a board and several committees. They were able to put together a project plan to bring a large recreational outdoor amenity to the area, which is desperately needed in the northwest of Calgary.

Kris thinks his organization’s biggest impact on his community is bringing people together.

“We’re going to find common initiatives and events and bring infrastructure to the neighbourhood,” he says. “It is going to allow for inclusive activities that will be able to be used by all types of folks, whether they have physical disabilities, whether they have different cultures, ages or religions.

“I believe our organization brings all that together, it breaks down those walls, it breaks down those boundaries and it allows us to actually just be humans enjoying each other’s time.”