2021 Faces of Community - Kim Rondeau

2021 Faces of Community - Kim Rondeau


Kim Rondeau

Sunalta Community Association





Inclusive, supportive, and neighbourly are the words this Faces of Community used to describe her community. What started as a passion for gardening bloomed into a passion for volunteering.

Kim Rondeau, the treasurer of the Sunalta Community Association, started volunteering when her community started to build hexagon garden beds in front of the community hall.

“I met a really diverse group of people who were all interested in gardening,” says Kim. “From experienced gardeners to inexperienced gardeners and experienced gardeners with no experience with the Calgary climate.”

Since the gardens were added to the community, they have become popular, especially during COVID-19.

“It’s one of those things that we can actually do outside, there’s a lot of interest,” explains the volunteer. “We have three different gardens in Sunalta, so there’s a lot of room and space for people to come and join us.”

The avid gardener now stays involved with the Sunalta Community Association because of all the growth that is happening in the community and how there are many opportunities to support people and the community.

“What I really love is when the different residents actually take the lead on some of our resident-led initiatives,” says Kim. “I get to see people sharing their expertise and bringing together small groups within our community.”

The Sunalta Community Association has resident-led initiatives that encourage residents to participate.

“The community association supports the residents through funding and the structure of different programs, but it’s resident-led,” says Kim. “So, it really is their expertise, whoever wants to lead one with the backing of the Sunalta Community Association.”

Kim thinks that when you volunteer, you get a lot more out of it than what you give.

“I always like to encourage my friends and family to come and volunteer with me, because together we can do bigger things and make a larger impact.”