2021 Faces of Community - Bishnu Bajgain

2021 Faces of Community - Bishnu Bajgain

Bishnu Bajgain

Whitehorn Community Association & Village Square Community Hub

Giving back to the community and seeing a positive impact on their community has helped Bishnu find a sense of belonging.

“Volunteering has changed my life positively because it has strengthened my network and community,” says the volunteer. “I have learned a lot about diverse community and culture as well as how to bring people together.”

 Bishnu volunteers with many organizations. He’s involved with the Village Square Community Hub he serves as director of community engagement with the Whitehorn Community Association.

 I volunteer because it’s my passion and I enjoy it,” says the avid volunteer. “It helps me get to know my neighbors and meet new people and build community together.

It is also an opportunity to give something back to my community that may positively impact an individual’s life, directly and indirectly.”

Bishnu feels his work with the Whitehorn Community Association positively affects the lives of residents in the community.

“We have a group of incredible volunteers who maintain the ice rink and bring over thousands of people for recreational activities,” explains Bishnu. “Around the building and park, we put a lot of benches so that the people or neighbors can sit there and have interactions.”

For Bishnu, the pandemic has highlighted the need and importance of volunteers in their communities.

“I strongly believe that this is the real time to give back to our community,” says Bishnu. “Many people are isolated, feeling alone and needing support.”

To support those in need, Bishnu and his organization have regularly kept in touch with residents and organized virtual events, like meditation or yoga.

Despite the all the ups and downs of 2020, Bishnu is still determined to be involved and to keep making a difference.

“I stay involved volunteering because it gives me a sense of purpose that may change someone’s life,” says Bishnu.

“When I see positive and energetic volunteers around me and working together, I feel positive vibes and change for future.”