2020 Faces of Community- Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh

Youth Community

Yuvraj volunteers with several organizations including the Sikh Community of Calgary, Bike Calgary, EP Scarlett High School, and Advanced Cardiology as a Student Researcher.

Through his hours devoted to volunteerism he has discovered that positive change is possible when following his dream to make Calgary a more inclusive city.

He is a driven individual who has been organizing and leading initiatives to fight hunger, poverty, and discrimination for over four years. With a heart for Calgary youth, he aims to engage and champion for the interest of young Albertans in anyway he can.

Having faced racism himself while growing up, an important part of his volunteerism has been to help create lasting impacts in schools and government infrastructure by establishing an Interfaith Network. Through this program he has been able to mentor youth to build them up to be aware and equipped to fight against hate and discrimination and become leaders of today and tomorrow.

Through regular interfaith events, lectures, presentations and tours of places of worship, Yuvraj’s goal is to bring community leaders on the same platform of furthering multiculturalism. The impact of Yuvraj’s volunteerism has been inspiring for his peers and encourages him to keep up his hard work.

“I stay involved because the community impact we are able to generate is phenomenal,” said Yuvraj.

Let Yuvraj explain what volunteering means to him and why he stays involved!