2020 Faces of Community- Saroz Khunkhun

Saroz Khunkhun

Whitehorn Community Association

Saroz has been volunteering with the Whitehorn Community Association (WCA) for almost three years. She also supports Scouts, Annie Gale School Council, and the Lester B Pearson School Council. With over 25 years of volunteering experience, she has impacted many and continues to inspire those around her.

Through her work with the WCA, Saroz has been able to encourage positive change and has astounded the community with her hard work and dedication to the people. With time spent ranging from board organization and recruitment, to relationship building with community members, to identifying and securing grants and building relationships with businesses, the work Saroz does is invaluable to her community.

“She is known to be the supportive community leader,” said her  nominator. “Trying to change the attitude of ‘no’ and encourage new ideas.”

Saroz takes time to listen to neighbours and community members to hear what’s important to them. She is a strong believer in hearing people out and creating community engagement to bring in the different voices of community. The time she has put in volunteering has built connections and created close relationships that have made the neighborhood stronger. Continuing to astound her fellow volunteers and inspire change, Saroz looks forward to the continuation of volunteerism in her life.

“If you’re hesitant about volunteering I would say start off by participating in events and sharing your ideas,” said Saroz.

“You can volunteer in a lot of ways and for some folks it is stepping outside of your comfort zone. There is an opportunity there for you.”

Let Saroz explain what volunteering means to her and why she stays involved!