2020 Faces of Community- Karen Moisan

Karen Moisan

Temple Community Association

Karen has been a vital part of the Temple Community Association for the last 30 years and has left a positive impression on fellow volunteers and other members of the community.

In her time with Temple she has been able to build up her community through several initiatives including Pub Nights, Seniors Coffee, and the Jellybean Dance, among other events. Karen’s attention to detail when volunteering with her community has allowed her peers to place total trust and support when planning events and carrying them out.

Always looking for new and exciting ways to improve the community, she has been able to use her position to engage with residents and create connections. Her efforts and strong volunteering spirit have positively affected events, initiatives and overall quality of the community.

“She is a motivation and inspiration to others,” said her nominator.

Known to go about her work in a silent and selfless manner, many of her peers are blown away to see the dedication and spirit she gracefully radiates when carrying out planning and events.

Keeping track of important Temple events, including the annual Stampede celebration which serves hundreds of community members, Karen is a vital part of the Temple spirit and community.

“Volunteering with the CA has really developed my whole scope of life,” said Karen.

Let Karen explain what volunteering means to her and why she stays involved!